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The front page of this site has just become very unstatic.

If you've visited in the past, you know pretty well that I'm working through ADF's Clergy Training Program (CTP). I've passed the First Circle of the CTP, and am now working on the Second Circle. As we work to get this thing moving, we're now requiring our Priests who haven't finished their work to submit a plan for finishing in a timely manner. As one of the people who is working through the program, I had to create a plan of my own.

Basically, this table includes the list of courses left to go, and the target dates to finish them (and, of course, my past work and the actual classes can all be found on my Study Program pages). As the courses are completed, the submission dates will be added. My hope is that by providing something very visible about my progress, I'll stay solidly on track.

Update 10/29/09: Both CTP Circle 2 and the IP are now approved!

Course Goal Completion Date New Completion Date Submission Status
ADF Structure, Customs, and Policy 11/15/08 --/--/-- passed! 10/02/09
Trance 1 11/30/08 --/--/-- passed! 10/02/09
Divination 2 12/31/08 --/--/-- passed! 04/27/09
IE Studies 2 01/01/09 08/15/09 passed! 10/26/09
IE Myth 2 01/15/09 09/01/09 passed! 10/26/09
Ethics 1 02/01/09 09/15/09 passed! 10/29/09
Leadership Development 1 02/15/09 10/01/09 passed! 10/26/09
Trance 2 (IP, optional course) --/--/-- 10/15/09 passed! 10/02/09
CTP 2 passed on: 10/29/09
IP completed on: 10/01/09

A more complete version of this plan can be found in my LiveJournal.

As always, though, there are some updates in general to the site that I'd like to point everyone to:

First, I've uncovered a recently declassified government "Report on Discordian Cleansing Rituals" that some might find interesting or useful, especially you students of new relgious movements and their cleansing rites.

I've also been updating my old ADF Dedicant work. The following essays are new additions to these pages: Segoi: The Nine Pagan Virtues, Adilon: Peronal Spirituality, and Lex: The Home Shrine. Of course, don't forget my first update to this work, Ammanodematas: The Festivals of the Wheel of the Year.

Don't forget to check out the books on Druidry I've written or contributed to, and the ones on their way out! I'm also keeping up with the various confessions that come through my site. . . Always interesting, they are! And the CafePress store has some new items in it as well.


It's been nearly a year since I updated the front page of this site, but much has gone on in my life. From encountering an internet stalker who located me through MySpace (part of which explains my lack of updates to this front page and reduction of LiveJournal posts) to learning a lot more about my role within ADF and the larger community here in central Ohio, it's been a year of changes and new experiences.

To start with, the Druids of Columbus, Ohio, have elected a new Senior Druid, and it is not me. I have officially taken the title of "Grove Priest," which allows me a lot more freedom to work for the Grove in various ways, and to work for ADF in many of those ways, as well.

Four particular projects have arisen on the ADF/Grove front:

Some particularly new items on the pages since the last update include "The Marriage of Lugus and Rosmerta," a reimagining of the story of the sovereignty and kingship in Gaul and (perhaps) the first in a series of eight of such poems. I also updated some of my Dedicant Path materials, adding a page on Ammanodematas: the eight High Days.

I hope to come back to these pages more often in the near future (indeed, as I work on my ADF Clergy Training Program in more depth, i will need to). As such, watch this page and the RSS feed for the site for more information!

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