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Chronarchy.Com Links:

Work Links

TSC Database
OSU Faculty, Staff, Student Directory

Personal Links (days I visit)

My LiveJournal (Or read on my site)
My CafePress store
Get Fuzzy (daily)
Foxtrot (daily)
User Friendly (daily)
Wren's Net (daily)
Daily Victim (daily)
Oh My Gods! (daily)
Errant Story (M, W, F)
Penny Arcade (M, W, F)
RPG World (M, W, F)
PostSecret (weekly)
Wolf Pack Warrior (weekly)

Stuff that's just cool:

My interactive family tree (requires Java, doesn't often work on newer browsers)

The Schøyen Collection: A collection of texts and pictures online. Very in depth and useful.
Dark Horizons: Film news & rumors
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville: The Prophet's 'Net home
The Church of Buffett, Orthodox: CoBO has loads of cool stuff that all Parrotheads should have access to.
Bruce Campbell Online: Star of Army of Darkness and Evil Dead, as well as some other awesome movies. This guy's trying to convert everyone, and he does so with some pretty neat tracts that are fun to wipe out the text from and put new stuff in. Dark Dungeons is my favourite.
ChrisPortal.Com: If you're looking for some good doodles or to waste some time with some Dr. Faustus cartoons, this is the place to go.
GroupHug: amusing and sometimes dark anonymous confessions

ADF links:

ADF National Organization

Three Cranes Grove, ADF
(Columbus, OH)

The 6th Night Grove, ADF
(Dayton, OH)

StoneCreed Grove, ADF
(Cleveland, OH)

ADF Logo This web site is part of the ADF Members Webring... Why not excellence?
This RingSurf web ring is maintained by Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship.
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Discordian Links: Ever wanted to read the Principia but never wanted to shell out $7? Now, even cheap bastards like you can read it!
KBuxton's page
, the essential page for Discordianism.
HyperDiscordia: another essential from Episkopos Aloysius Thudthwacker. Run by Yohan the Lost, a project to save many Discordian writings/works/etc.
ErisWerks: A group working on a new Principia, and a propagandist's dream! They started me on Propaganda.
Karl Musser's pages: Home to the Cartographer's Conspiracy Cabal and others.
HouseBub: a House of Eris
A Discordian Colouring Book

CMU Discordian Society propaganda: Carnegie Mellon apparently has an active Discordian Society. Good ideas here.
The Ring of Fnords: a bunch of sites, all in one!
Discordian Tarot: I prefer my set, found here (.doc format)
Hyperflow: An evolving dictionary.
The Eris Society: Not sure if they're Discordian or not, but they sure look it!
UVA's Discordianism page: in case you feel academic
Discordianism: The Hidden Threat: possibly written by a Discordian An awesome postcard exchange site. (Not really Discordian, but damn close!)
Church of Subgenius: also not really Discordian, but a spin-off.

Local Pagan groups:

The Pagan Student Association at Ohio State

Pagan Community Council of Ohio

Community Pagan Alliance

Alliance of Student Pagans- ASP Columbus

The Association for Consciousness Exploration
(This group puts on the Starwood Festival)

The Church of Other (Discordian Cabal)
Location: Columbus Area, Ohio
Founder: Mostly Holy Grasworth, KTITFSOM
(If anyone has info on these guys, i.e. where to contact them, let me know!)

Local Pagan Stores and Resources:

Fly By Night
(Psyche North Torok, proprietor)

Pearls of Wisdom
(Diana Hock, proprietor)

Salem West
(A.J. Drew, proprietor)

Pagan Meetup Columbus
Discordian Meetup Columbus

Non-Local/National Pagan Resources:

Chaos Matix - A fascinating source of Chaos Magic articles and other fun things. One of the best and most highly recommended libraries on the web.

The Witches' Voice - For those looking for groups to join, solitaries to connect with, or events to attend, this is your source.

Isaac Bonewits homepage - Isaac, the founder of ADF, maintains his own webpage.

Covenant of the Goddess (COG) - A large Wiccan organization that umbrellas many Covens.


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