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Some terms that people find in my correspondences and writings:


n. [abbreviation]: Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship. "Ár nDraíocht Féin" is Old Irish and actually translates as "Our Own Druidism", but it's a lot less confusing for everyone for us to pretend that ADF stands for "A Druid Fellowship". ADF is an international organization of Neo-Pagans, about 600~ish strong, that values scholarship and taking our worship seriously. See their website.

n. [abbreviation]: Alt.Magick.Chaos newsgroup.

n. [Latin: amuletum: possibly related to lamina: "thin plate", from whence comes our word "omelette"]: A thin sheet, usually of metal but sometimes of paper, with charactares inscribed, magical names, and magical phrases. Usually designed for protection.

Cale Clante:
n. [Etruscan]: "Of Gaulish heritage". Just a name.

n. [Gk. chaos: abyss]: 1. Primordial, disorganized state of matter prior to creation of forms. 2. The state in which chance reigns supreme. Incidentally, the word for "gums" (as in the tissue around your teeth) is also related to the Gk. word "chaos".

Chaos Magic:
n. [English]: 1. a system of Magic based loosely on Chaos Theory and Postmodernism. 2. described by Illrefute on a.m.c. as, "it's like spinning in circles until you stop and the rest of your perception keeps spinning, and whatever doesn't spin is ___(insert your own adjective). Actually, it is like spinning in circles until you stop and the rest of your perception keeps spinning, and whatever doesn't spin is ___(insert your own adjective)."

n. [Gk. chronos: time; Gk. archy: rule]: "Rule by time". I found this word in a dictionary, and I took it as an AOL screenname back when I was using my parents AOL account. It is currently my AIM name as well.

n. [Latin discordare: discordant]: A follower or worshiper of the Greco-Roman goddess Eris Discordia in a modern or postmodern context. According to the Holy Temple of the Sts. John, "A Discordian is anyone willing to look at the windmills and concede that they might be giants."

n. [abbreviation]: Dedicant Program. ADF's Dedicant Program is the first step in the ADF Study Programs (see below). See my Dedicant work.

n. [Gaulish dru-: oak; Gaulish -vid: knowledge?]: perhaps "Oak-Knowledge"? There's a lot of debate over this one. Certainly too much for me to debate in the limited space here. See my Dedicant work.

v. [American]: To "fark" something is to bring it to its knees by sheer overloading and continual hits. Usually in reference to webpages. is the webpage that this originated from. One may also fark by perusing for any period of time. Related: totalfark.
n. [American]: a community of generally lazy, bored youngsters (or those young at heart) located at The "Great Unlaid" of the internet.

[Fr. fétiche < Port. feitiço, artificial, charm < Latin factīcius, artificial < Latin factus, p. part. of facere, to make]: Something believed to have spiritual power or magical ability. Usually associated with shamanic practices. I don't refer to anything of mine as a "fetish" because it also carries a sexual meaning, and because the word means "made up" if you trace the root. To use the word indicates that I don't really believe in the item.

Fluffy Bunny:
n. [American Neo-Pagan]: Too much to describe here. See my expanded definition.
[Discordian]: If you can't see the Fnords, they can't eat you...

v. [American]: "to seek out". To google something is to go to and look something up. The number of links to a particular page under the search term determine placement in the search. Link to with the word "chronarchy".

n. [Old Persian magos: sorcerer, philosopher]: Creating changes in reality in in accordance to your will.

n. [Old Persian magos: sorcerer, philosopher; English variation by A. Crowley]: Designed to reclaim the word "magic" from the slight-of-hand charlatans who had appropriated it. At this point, it makes you appear to be unable to spell a five-letter word.

n. [Leni-Lennape (Delaware Indian)]: "He who walks (travels) alone". I found the term in the back of an old Order of the Arrow handbook and still use it to sign my emails with. Maybe it's a throwback to being a loner kid in High School, but one never can be too sure.

n. [American]: a follower of the prophet, Jimmy Buffett.

n. [abbreviation]: Study Program. ADF's Study Program is the second step in the ADF Study Programs (the first is the Dedicant Program, see DP above). See my SP work.

n. [Etruscan]: "caretaker". Just another name.

n. [American]: to take a website down permanently through sudden increase in bandwidth. Enters lexicon with the paid membership service (i.e. Drew's Beer Fund) on entitled TotalFark.

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