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The Pagan Student Association at Ohio State

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The Pagan Student Association at The Ohio State University has been around for about 6 years by now, and will be going strong for a while, I think.

I've passed the reigns of Co-Chair to another, for the last time. I've held the office twice, and now I'm done with that office. I'm actually one of the last "original" members (and I'm not really original). I intend to stay with the group as long as I can, but things happen. I am currently serving as Historian.

Below are some items written about the PSA and for the PSA. Keep in mind that The Lantern (Ohio State's newspaper) has misquoted us pretty bad in the past, though the bit about sheep is, unfortunately, a direct quote (*sheepish grin*). The Observer is much worse, as you can plainly see.

Documents and essays:

PSA's Constitutions

(2004 version) - Updated to include a section detailing forcible removal of an officer by the University
(2003 version) - Updated to reflect addition of general fund, non-profit statement
(2002 version) - Complete re-write, added in non-discrimination, detailed job descriptions, voting procedures, expanded advisor criteria and special interest group definitions, method of updating constitution.
(1999 version)

PSA and Ritual - Why the OSU PSA doesn't do ritual.

PSA Meeting Topics - a long list of potential topics for PSA meetings.

PSA Presenter Letter - Sent/given to all PSA presenters when they offer to present.

Starting a Pagan Student Association - How to make your own!

The PSA ListServ Guide: Subscription and Guidelines.

The PagansOSU Yahoo! List: Subscription and Guidelines.

PSA's Historical Notes:

Historical Note 01 - PSA in Nov. 2002

Historical Note 02 - First PSA meeting of 2004

Historical Note 03 - Email "on scheduling meetings," Wi06

PSA's Lantern Articles:

PSA's first Lantern Article

PSA's second Lantern Article

PSA's third Lantern Article

PSA's fourth Lantern Article

PSA's fifth Lantern Article

PSA's Observer Article 

PSA's article on the Student Housing website

To subscribe to the main PSA email list, mail to and type:

subscribe PSA Your Name

into the body of the message.


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