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A letter to all presenters at Pagan Student Association meetings

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for offering to do a workshop for the Pagan Student Association at The Ohio State University. This letter briefly describes what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.

Meeting time/location:

The Pagan Student Association meets every Tuesday night at 8 PM in the Ohio Union on the main campus of The Ohio State University, in Buckeye Suite FG. This suite is located on the third floor of the building, in the northwestern corner of the building. The Ohio Union is located at the corner of W. 12th Avenue and N. High Street on the OSU campus.

If there is a scheduling problem that forces this meeting to move, you will find that at the end of this letter. If you require more space than Buckeye Suite FG, please let the Co-Chairs know no less than three weeks before your presentation so they may schedule a larger room.


There is a parking garage north of the Ohio Union, accessible from both High Street and College Rd. The Pagan Student Association will reimburse you for any costs incurred for parking so long as you do not park illegally and you use this garage. Please note that occasionally there is a flat fee to park if there is a major event going on around campus, and this fee is collected at the garage gate. This fee is usually $5. Please have enough to cover this fee on-hand when you enter the garage, because we do not know in advance if that fee will be in effect on any given Tuesday.

Presentation time:

Most PSA presentations run about an hour and a half. We begin the meeting at or near 8 PM, and turn the meeting over to the presenter around 8:15 PM (usually). If there is business that needs to be taken care of prior to the presentation, it may be 8:30 before we are able to turn the meeting over. We do ask that our presenters be at the meeting at 8 PM so they may be introduced to the group before the meeting begins.

If you do not have enough material to make a full hour and a half, that is fine. Please let the Co-Chairs know in advance so that they may fill in the time with other activities if need be. If you wish to go over your allotted time (and we encourage our presenters to consider longer talks/workshops/presentations), the room is ours until 11 PM, but please inform the Co-Chairs in advance that you will be taking longer than an hour and a half.

Presentation format:

In general, this is up to the presenter. We encourage creative and fun activities, including hands-on work where people are able to take something tangible away from the workshop; rituals or meditations are also possible; lectures are a stand-by for many of our presenters; participatory workshops are also very common; and occasional field-trips are very possible, especially if they're within walking distance. Please feel free to exercise your creative and logical mind in coming up with good ways for PSA members to understand what you mean.

Generally, you can expect between 8 and 15 people at a given meeting. Because we are all students, we do not have set schedules. Finals, mid-term exams, and papers all conspire to make it very difficult for our membership to continually show up. Sometimes, this can lead to a very low turnout at meetings, and sometimes it can lead to a very high turnout. 

Presentation needs:

If your presentation has special needs (an internet connection, a laptop, a projector for your computer, a whiteboard, etc.), please inform the Co-Chairs no later than three weeks before the presentation is scheduled. We can usually come up with whatever you need, but chances are always better if we are notified well in advance.

Presenter responsibilities:

  • Many presenters do not know immediately what they will present on. This is fine. We do require a topic for your meeting before the last day of the previous quarter, though, in order to set our schedule.
  • If you require any special equipment or more space than FG provides, please notify the Co-Chairs 3 weeks or more in advance of your scheduled meeting.
  • Please submit a basic outline of your presentation no later than the Tuesday before your workshop. Feel free to email this to the Co-Chairs, or give them a hard copy. If your outline is not in, we will begin to look for a replacement workshop to fill in the gap.
  • If you cannot make the workshop for whatever reason, please notify the Co-Chairs as soon as possible. Sometimes, there is no avoiding such things. If you simply do not show up and have not emailed or called the Co-Chairs, unless you can show good reason, you will not be invited back to do another workshop for the PSA.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Co-Chairs as soon as you can to get them cleared up

Again, thank you for agreeing to present to the Pagan Student Association. We look forward to working with you in the future as well, and hope that we will both grow from this experience.


Co-Chair, Pagan Student Association


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