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The Pagan Student Association at The Ohio State University has two lists: a ListServ and a Yahoo! Group. Below you will find the info on how to subscribe to the PagansOSU Yahoo! Group and what the guidelines are for that list.

Click to subscribe to pagansosu, the discussion list

Discussion Group Guidelines

1) Limited forwards. Feel-good forwards that somehow seem to relate to Paganism or OSU are okay, but please do not forward anything that paints any religion, political party, or person in a bad light. And no snowball fights. Period.

2) Attachments are okay, but be conscious of their size. Word documents, the occasional small picture, and other small items. Also, feel free to use the file space Yahoo! provides. Please try not to max it out, though.

3) All messages should be directed to the whole group. A lot of the email addresses of the members are available on the "member's" page of the Yahoo! Group.

4) It's fine to ask, for example, "How's it going, guys?", but please try to mention something relevant to Paganism in the message.

5) Please do not format messages in HTML. Use only plain text for all messages going to the list. (drop me a line if you think you may be guilty of this but don't know how to stop. We'll arrange an intervention.)

6) The purpose of the e-mail list is mainly for discussion and announcements, both official PSA business announcements as well as announcements for social gatherings or other events. Here are some guidelines for discussions:

a. Please read all relevant postings BEFORE responding; do not send four messages to the list in response to four messages originally posted. Only send one message summarizing your views.

b. Of course, be respectful of other people's opinions. This includes not only the people on the list itself, but also anyone and everyone else. Do not mock belief systems, political views, etc.

c. If the discussion turns out to be only between two, three or four people, then it should be moved to private e-mail and not take place on the list.

d. Please do not go off on tangents, especially if no one else follows you.

e. Make sure that the discussion pertains to general Pagan issues, issues of religious studies, Ohio State issues, etc.

f. Please do not send test messages. If you must send a test message, please make *absolutely* sure that it does not just say "TEST", but that it is also relevant to the group (i.e. make an announcement or ask a question or SOMETHING!)

g. Feel free to respond publicly (on list) to a question that is addressed to the group. Just remember to watch and see if the discussion continues with one or two members, as per 6c above.

h. Be polite.
7) Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Heck, even I do. If you screw up, don't post an apology unless you think it's really necessary. (Or one is requested.)

8) Under NO circumstance may anyone allude to the acceptance of underage drinking at any PSA event, period.

9) Feel free to ask the Co-Chairs anything. Really. They don't care. Heck, ask me anything. You can all email us off list, if you want.

10) Remember that this list is open to the public. There aren't only Pagans on the list.

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