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Leadership Development 1

As we expect our Priests to be leaders within ADF, we seek also to give them the tools to lead. This course covers conflict resolution, group development, and learning to make decisions.

This course relies on some specific leadership theories, particularly the Insight Inventory leadership traits (question 2). While there are many theories revolving around each of these leadership qualities (and many versions of some of these theories), we have made every effort to be clear in the standard what we are looking for.

Exit Standards:

1. Define consensus and collaboration in your own words, give an example of how each can be applied in a grove setting, and explain which you prefer and why. (min. 250 words)

2. Describe the following traits of leadership a) Direct, b) Indirect, c) Reserved, d) Outgoing, e) Urgent, f) Steady, g) Unstructured, h) Precise. Describe the types which best fit you. (minimum 100 words for each trait, and 100 words for the self-description)

3. Define the seven primary skills of leadership (structure, strategy, staff, style, systems, shared values, strengths/skills).

  1. Identify the three skills that you are strongest in.
  2. Identify the three you are the weakest in and explain how you plan to improve these skills
(min. 400 words describing improvement outlined in section "b" of this question)

4. Define the stages of burnout. Identify how you can utilize the strengths and skills of team members to avoid burnout in yourself and others. (minimum 200 words)

5. Using the information you have learned in this course, what do you feel makes a person an effective leader in ADF? (min. 200 words)


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