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Well, it's official: people can now call me "the Reverend." I was consecrated as a Dedicant Priest in ADF at the Summerland Festival on August 26, 2006. I have yet to sign my name with the letters "Rev." in front of it, and I kind of enjoy not actually using the title more than I enjoy having it.

The two best parts of the consecration were these: being surrounded by the family I choose, and having my parents there to see this rite of passage. I know that I'm truly fortunate that both my community and my family support me, because that level of support is rare indeed.

I've spent the past few weeks subtly seeking to shift my paradigm away from the wageslave paradigm I've been in, the one I hate, and move toward describing clergywork as what I do. It's been an interesting process, shifting that paradigm, but it's been well worth it.

I am happy,though. And that's what's important.

I also recently opened up both MySpace and FaceBook accounts, mostly because I could, and I can see where the trends are going. Both have led to some interesting encounters and the finding of old friends I don't get to talk to any more.

As to this website. . . 

Recently, I've updated a number of pages on the site:

First, there is a new conversation with Eris, several months old at this point but never featured on this front page. The Jimmy Buffett Oracle has been updated with the release of Jimmy's newest album, and I think it's more accurate than ever. There's also a statement on how I view deity that caused a stir on a few ADF lists. Recently, I even wrote a story on random request from some guy who wanted me to advertise his site on mine.

Of particular interest are two sections: the ADF SP section (containing the completed Clergy Training Program of ADF) and my new LGSP section, where I'm finishing up ADF's Liturgist Guild Study Program. My favourite part of this, the Liturgy Practicum 1 journal, is available to be read through. I started this journal in August, just before my consecration, and it's a four-month-long journey through my daily practice, including the things I did to examine how I was working and what exactly I was doing. This journal now forms the basis my upcoming book, Cultivating the Fire of Piety: Druidic Piety in a Modern Age.

You might notice that in the "hottest links" section and at the bottom of the index page, there's a couple of "donation" buttons. Please feel free to make use of them, of course.

There is a page about opening the Gates in ADF ritual (with video), and I've added some work to my Esus pages, too. Of particular interest to some people might be the description I have (with pictures) of the Nautes pillar and some transcriptions of the Berne Commentaries in the original Latin. I added a listing of the various confessions I've received so far, including all those that have indicated I could post them anonymously. One of my favourite things on the site now is my list of places to go hiking with Mazi (with interesting subtitle).

Also, my article on Dorm Room Paganism is available. I've been working on that one for years, so I'm very happy with it, and my article about Felicitas Goodman's book, Where the Spirits Ride the Wind is also available. I even updated my festival reviews pages to include, well, the entire last year of festivals, plus some earlier ones that hadn't been covered. Of particular interest to most is my Walking With Fire 2005 review, which includes journal entries, photos of my first modeling shoot, and lots of pictures of Europe.

Finally, there is my description of How to Make a Kit, which I truly enjoyed putting together.

Here's to the new year, and a new outlook on it all.


It's been 5 months since I last updated, and today, things are lookin' up. The festival season has started up again, and after finishing up last year with Walking With Fire in Austria, this year's lineup of Trillium, Desert Magic, Wellspring, Walking With Fire, Starwood (very tentative) and Summerland is lookin' good.

Sure, there are some things that could use a change, but I'm working hard to get back up from a couple of hard knockdowns, and trying hard not to slip and take anyone else down with me.

The Grove is doing well, and I'm excited about certain things within it and certain things relating to ADF as well. For those who don't know, I put together a study guide for ADF's Dedicant Program, called The ADF Dedicant Program Through the Wheel of the Year. We're now working on combining that in to the actual DP Handbook, apparently. I've also been working hard on some further training for the DP, too. It's kept me busy when I needed to take my mind of things (which has been a common thread in my life).

I had a request to make a side-bar at right, just a small thing, with some of the cooler links on my site listed. There's the Jimmy Buffett Oracle, the Chaos Working Generator, my amusing attempts at "art", and my short discussion of how Esus is not Jesus..

Mostly, though, I want to say "thanks" to those who have been there for me. Looking to date someone other than my ex for the first time in eight years, remembering who my friends are, and trying to be there for my friends when they need me have made for a heck of a ride. So thanks for being there when I needed you.

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