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Published and Upcoming Books

by Michael J Dangler

Welcome to the books section of my website. Here, you can find titles I've published, as well as information on upcoming books I'm working on.

Published Books:

  • The Fire on Our Hearth: A Devotional of Three Cranes Grove, ADF - Published in 2008 byThree Cranes Grove, ADF, this book represents much of our Grove's history and the joy of our worship. Nearly all the prayers, rituals, and poetry is unique to our Grove, and the majority of it has never been published elsewhere. Compiled by Rev. Michael J Dangler (myself), but contributed to by 13 members of the Grove. A new edition was put together in 2009, and expands the number of authors and really fills out Our Druidry within its pages.
  • A Crane Breviary and Guide Book Published in 2010. The Wheel of the Year turns through our lives, and we, as Druids, honor the passage of time as the cycles turn. This book provides rituals for the entire year, from Samhain through Autumnal Equinox, as well as additional rituals that come with each Druid Moon and each day. Marking these occasions with ritual will bring you closer to the Earth Mother and draw you nearer to the rhythms of her life, as well as your own.
  • The Call of the Crane: A working guide for members of the ADF Order of the Crane (co-authored with Rev. James "Seamus" Dillard) - Published in 2009 byThree Cranes Grove, ADF, this book describes a path of service to ADF and the greater community while focusing on inner development and transformation, guided by the Crane. Meant as a guidebook for ADF members who are involved in the Order of the Crane.
  • The ADF Dedicant Program Through the Wheel of the Year - Published by CafePress in 2005, updated in 2006, 2008, and now published by Lulu in 2010's 4thedition, this book is designed to build on the Dedicant Path of ADF, the basis of ADF's training and central work. The book gives 52 weekly lessons, additional resources, and a more structured plan of study with homework for students who want that. The text of this book is available to ADF members for free.

Upcoming Books:

  • Liturgical Writing and Ritual Practice - Writing and performing ritual is difficult. This book aims to show how to do it by giving the reader a firm understanding of basic Druidic cosmology and an understanding of our rituals. In progress.
  • Cultivating the Fire of Piety: Druidic Piety in a Modern Age - This book is based off my work on the ADF Liturgist Guild Study Program, particularly the Liturgy Practicum 1 coursework's journal. Over the time I worked on the journal for this course, I found myself deepening my practice considerably, and I felt that others could benefit from my work in this area. It will be submitted to ADF Publishing for consideration for publication as a commercial book.In progress.
  • Power Animals that Suck - This book has been in the works for a couple of years and is now in the process of being actually, actively written. In progress.


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