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Cultivating the Fire of Piety:
Druidic Piety in a Modern Age

by Michael J Dangler

This book is based off my work on the ADF Liturgist Guild Study Program, particularly the Liturgy Practicum 1 coursework's journal. Over the time I worked on the journal for this course, I found myself deepening my practice considerably, and I felt that others could benefit from my work in this area. It will be submitted to ADF Publishing for consideration for publication as a commercial book.

This book is about right action, walking the walk, and showing your devotion with excellence. It is a guide to creating and challenging your own personal devotional practice, with an emphasis on doing and on believing.

This book will get your hands dirty and your feet muddy. It is not for armchairs and ivory towers.



Chapter 1: Piety, Druidry, and Cultivating the Fire - What is piety, what is Druidry (and what it is not), and a meditation on the Fire of Piety

Chapter 2: The Beauty of Belief - Defining yourself, seeking the Inner Flame, and opening to deity

Chapter 3: Giving Your Belief a Home - Creating an altar, consecrating space, and lighting the external Fire

Chapter 4: Learning the Motions - Writing prayers, making offerings, crafting ritual

Chapter 5: Putting It All Together - Consecration, blessing, ritual, magic, meditation, trance, and divination

Chapter 6: Deepening Your Practice - Exercises to help you deepen the practice you've built: increasing regularity, scheduling, defining your audience, working with others

Appendix 1: "How Do I Do. . .?" - Sample meditations, rituals, devotionals

Appendix 2: "I Can't Do This" - how to deal with issues of time, space, and money

Appendix 3: "Where Does This Journey Lead?" - parting exercises, feeding the fire, finding a path and resources to help


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