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Trance 2

Trance 2 is a continuation of Trance 1. Please note that your journal for this course should continue the journal used for Trance 1, and there should not be a wide break between the two parts of the journal. It is best if you have used this journal continuously.

Exit Standards:

1. Describe your regular method of entering basic trance. (min. 100 words)

2. Explain the use of trance in group ritual, including the Neurolinguistic Programming techniques of "anchoring" and "leading" in trance induction. Give an example of how you would script this use in ritual. (min. 300 words)

3. Describe three experiences of trance. These trances must come from three different methods chosen from the list below: (min. 150 words for each experience)

  1. Body Postures
  2. Sonic Driving
  3. Dance/Movement
  4. Chant/Mantra
  5. Aescetic Practices
  6. Visual Concentration
  7. Spoken Guidance

4. Submit an original trance induction script based in ADF symbolism (e.g. Two Powers, Fire/Well/Tree, Three Realms, etc.). (no minimum word count)

5. Submit an original trance induction script based in Indo-European Mythology. (no minimum word count)

6. Describe the process of creating your inner locale, the challenges and aids you experienced in the creation of this locale, and (optional) its appearance. (min. 300 words)

7. Journal for five months, continuing the trance work journal you began in Trance 1. Provide an essay based on this journal detailing how your experiences have affected your practice. (min. 600 words for the essay) [ed. note: previous journal]

8. Describe an experience of leading a trance induction in group ritual. (min. 300 words)


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