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Trance 2, Requirement 4

Submit an original trance induction script based in ADF symbolism (e.g. Two Powers, Fire/Well/Tree, Three Realms, etc.). (no min. word count)

Two Powers, Inner Gates Meditation

In our Druid Moon Rites, the folk enter a space where the Gates are already open, where the Spirits are already fully present and aware of our intentions. Because of this, we needed a new form of attunement, one that informed the gathered Folk where they were, and how the sacred center could resonate within them individually. From this, our Inner Gates meditation was formed.

The Inner Gates

You have come now to stand at the crossroads, at the boundaries of the worlds. The Gates stand open before you. In this space, we are open entirely to the Kindreds. Take a moment to connect yourself to the vertical axis of this space, and the Gates:

Before you, see the Well, reaching deep into the worlds below, into the realm of the Ancestors, into the world of the chthonic deities, into the dark, cool waters. The waters of this Well spring from deep within the bosom of the earth, drawing up these waters so that we may access them.

Within each of us, a cauldron warms our loins, a Cauldron of Potential. This Cauldron is the source of our renewal, our bounty, and our energy. See this Cauldron in your mind's eye.

Now, take a moment to join the Cauldron in your loins to the Well before you. Feel them merge and change, and feel the Gate that is open in this place open within you. Fill yourself with the powers welling from below.

Now, turn your attention to the Fire before you. Watch the flames dance and spin, reaching ever higher into the sky above, reflecting and opening to the powers of heaven, the warm, electric sky power. The Fire we have built on the bosom of the earth lifts our praises and prayers to the realm of the Holy Ones who inhabit the sky.

Within each of us, a fire burns brightly in our heads, a Fire of Inspiration, shaping and forming our thoughts into actionable states. This fire is kindled in our heads at birth, and it burns more brightly when we feed it through cultivation of wisdom and knowledge.

Take a moment now and join the Fire of Inspiration in your head with the Fire of Sacrifice before you. Feel them merge and change, and feel the Gate that is open in the fire open within you. Fill yourself with the powers of the sky.

Turn your attention now to the Tree that is before us, upholding the worlds and supporting the cosmos. Know its rough bark and its strong limbs. Know the paths that the branches take as they stretch skyward, and the places the roots delve to as they reach deep within the earth. The Tree before us is the world tree, axis and support of all the worlds.

Within you now, feel the Two Powers . . . They mix and meld, the light of the heavens shining upon the waters of the earth, reflecting like burning dawn on the sea . . . These powers form a pillar within us, recreating the cosmos from our very bodies.

Take a moment now and join the World Tree and this shining pillar of cosmic light within you. Feel them merge and change, and feel the Gate that is open in the Tree open within you. Feel the powers of earth and sky as they shine out from you.

Around you, there are many trees. There is a strong Grove. Feel your branches entwine as you reach out your hands. Each of us is supported by the land, we are crowned by the sky, and our roots drink of the cosmic waters. Together we are one united, sacred Grove: the shining fire at the center of all the worlds.

May our worship be true, may our actions be just, and may our love be pure. Blessings, honour, and worship to the Holy Ones.


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