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Trance 1

Trance 1 is a course designed to introduce you to trance, various methods of entering a trance state, and working within one. Please note that Trance 2 will require a continuation of the journal begun in Trance 1, and ideally the break between the two parts will not be long. Please check the requirements for Trance 2 if you plan to continue with that course.

Exit Standards:

1. Define the following terms in your own words: "Trance," "meditation," and "hypnosis." (min. 100 words per definition, dictionary definition does not count toward final word count.)

2. Give a brief history of hypnosis. (min. 300 words)

3. Describe Neuro-Linguistic programming. (min. 300 words)

4. Identify and describe three instances where trance is found in ancient Indo-European cultures. (min. 300 words each instance)

5. Describe three ways trance can be used in personal spiritual practice. (min. 100 words each)

6. Describe three ways that trance is helpful in personal ritual. (min. 100 words each)

7. Identify and explain three methods of attaining a trance state. (min. 300 words per method)

8. Using one of the three methods described in requirement 7, describe in depth a single experience you had while in the trance state from an experiential point of view (i.e. what did you feel, see, sense, etc.). (min. 600 words)

9. Describe what happens to the body during a trance state from a physical standpoint. (min. 300 words)

10. (Crossover Requirement) Keep a journal for five months detailing the trance work that you have done. Write an essay based off those journals that examines your practice over the time you journaled. In this essay, explain how you can apply the trance work to divination, magic, and other workings you do in ritual and personally. Entries occurring less than weekly will not count toward completion of this requirement. Your journal must include work from the exercises found in the support material for this course. [This requirement matches up with Req. 3 in Magic 2] (min. 1000 words)

11. Create a self-hypnosis tape to put yourself in trance and go on a spirit journey and bring yourself back out. Submit a script as well as a summary of your results. (min. 600 words for the summary)


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