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Trance 1, Requirement 8

Using one of the three methods described in requirement 7, describe in depth a single experience you had while in the trance state from an experiential point of view (i.e. what did you feel, see, sense, etc.). (min. 600 words)

This is a snippet of a the first trance experience in the ADF Clergy Order Work. I cannot give the entire thing here because it is not available for public viewing.

The vision started with a blending and bending. The Trilathon stood at the center of my vision, the world around it swirling and yet stationary.

To the right of the Gate of Piety stood the Earth Mother, beautiful to behold, smiling gently, adorned in reds and browns. I was astounded to realize that I had never in my life *looked* at the Earth Mother, through all my training and work, through five years of honouring her in all my rituals. I was awed by the beauty that radiated from her.

To the left of the gate stood Garanus, wings folded, stately. One leg was folded up, his other foot was rooted to the mud. It struck me as odd to find him in this pose, when so often I have seen him in the deep, sacred waters with one foot, and the other foot on the land. Still, the mud between his toes was the land and sea, and he was still a creature of the skies.

I bowed to the crane and asked his blessing. I knelt before the Earth Mother, smelling her scent. Both granted me entrance to the mists beyond the portal.

Apologies. My entire recap can be found in the Clergy Order archives, and was in my final submission.


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