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Chaos Essays

When everything is silent except the sound of the chaostar flag, flapping in the wind.

These collected writings are only the beginning. Here, workings I've done are recorded (or at least, the better ones are), essays on Eris and Chaos show up and change, and Eris offers Her help to someone who is lost in the crazy world She created. . .

If you're interested in Chaos Workings, you should try my Chaos Magic Working Generator!

Categorical Chaos: Ordering the Forces of Disorder

Authentic Chaos, a page of spells and workings lifted from various old sources

Chaos Workings:

On the Otherside, a single chaos working that lasted longer than I thought.

I Am Who I Am, a bit of interesting and interspersed dreaming. . .

The Antlered God, a working in a Wiccan paradigm.

Calling Cthulhu, a working in a fictional paradigm with real results.

Visiting Eris, in which I go to visit Our Lady

O Earth Mother! Probably my first Chaos Working, an experience with a goddess I don't believe in.

Time-Traveling Sigils from a chaos working

Gnostic Thunderbolt - The Chronarchy Variant.

Initiation 1: Oathbound.

Initiation 2: A mystery I don't believe in.

Pagan Pride Day 2004 ritual, a Kemetic working.

A Sigil on my Breast, and I have no idea how it got there.

Making a Kit: Making the most of your cultist experience.

Notes on Theory: What is this Stuff and How Does It Work?

Becoming the Chaote, my advice on where to start.

Handouts and Homework from my workshop on Chaos Magic.

Essays of the Self: In Which the Chaote is revealed

The Man in the Mirror, An essay about finding oneself again.

An Illuminating Story, one of my earliest writings on Eris.

Essays on Discord: In Which Knowledge is Pretended About

Eris is Coming for Tea: Or, What Happens When You Invite Our Lady of Discord to an ADF Rite.

Discordia's Apple: What exactly is the Apple of Discord?

Sigils and their Creation: a work that was hidden until recently.

Sigil Journals and keeping them.

Conversations with a Goddess:

Conversation the First.

Conversation the Second.

Conversation the Third.

Conversation the Fourth.

Conversation the Fifth.

Conversation the Sixth.

Conversation the Seventh.

Conversation the Eighth.

Chaotic Musings: Where the Looking-Glass Shows More

The Man in the Mirror, An essay about finding oneself again.

A Discordain Meal Blessing. For use when hunger strikes

Ruling Passions.

Chaotic Academia: Where the Worms Play

Discordianism and the Hermeneuts of Suspicion: Marx and Freud. A paper about a suspicious look at Discordianism, from a Marxist and Freudian perspective.

Schrodinger's Cat: Varying explanations of the experiment.

Something Involving Tentacles: The infamous lecture on all things Cthulhu.

Chaotic Dreams: Wherein the Dead May Find Voice

A Lonely Dream. Describing a passage on a train.

A Dream of Pyramids and Slaves, in which nothing is revealed.

A Dream of Eris, in which is told a little white lie.

Goddess in the Morning, in which a beautiful goddess is found in my bed.

Cthulhu Appears, in which I get up the balls to throw something at him.

A Dream of Shub-Niggurath, in which I fear the Goat.

A Dream of Nyarlathotep, in which he crawls across the dunes.

The Allies of Chaos: Things that Bump in the Night

What is it about me and cockroaches?

A Power Animal that Sucks? St. Gulik

The Cockroach Speaks. A short and yet enlightening story.

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