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A Conversation with Eris, part III:

Eris: BOO!

PCtG: Shit! Babe! Don't do that!

Eris: Why not? You're always sitting. How else do I get to see your cute ass if I don't scare you out of your chair?

PCtG: Sorry babe. I try not to show it off.

Eris: Liar.

PCtG: Okay, you got me. So, uh, Sup?

Eris: Not much. Was just in the neighbourhood. Saw that presentation you gave last night. Not half bad.

PCtG: Thanks. I've had a good teacher.

Eris: Damn straight. Anyway, I was wondering if we could talk business.

PCtG: Sure. Shoot. I'm listening.

Eris: Well, I have a proposition for you. . . [silence]

PCtG: And?

Eris: I'm getting to it.

PCtG: Sure you are.

Eris: Look, what I wanted to know was how bad you wanted that thing you asked for.

PCtG: Which. . . Oh. Don't answer that.

Eris: Okay, this time I won't [winks]

PCtG: Well, I've thought about it some more. I'm not totally sure I want it.

Eris: You know you could definitly have it, right?

PCtG: Yeah, I do. I also know that there's a load of shit with that. You know, with great power comes great responsibility. To quote a movie and all.

Eris: That one was pretty good.

PCtG: You saw it? Did they carge you for a ticket, or did you use your whole "Goddess Nature" to get in free?

Eris: I just downloaded it from the internet, babe. The exchange rate for ambrosia to US Dollars is pretty low right now.

PCtG: Oh, I, uh, see.

Eris: Anyway, you're well off topic.

PCtG: You made me this way, babe.

Eris: Don't remind me. Anyway, do you want what you asked for, or not.

PCtG: I need more time to think about it.

Eris: You don't get anymore time. I've been very nice up to this point. You need to make a choice.

PCtG: Then no. I don't want it.

Eris: Positive?

PCtG: Positive.

Eris: You've got more balls than I thought. Nicely done.

PCtG: Yeah, well, after a quick estimate of how these things would play out, I think I'm better off.

Eris: [sighs] You're probably right.

PCtG: Always am.

Eris: Except when you argue with me, Hon.

PCtG: Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.

Eris: Sure you did.

PCtG: Somehow, I get the impression that this conversation isn't over?

Eris: You're right. There is something else I wanted to talk about.

PCtG: And that would be?

Eris: You're underinflating recently. Why is that?

PCtG: What exactly am I underinflating?

Eris: You're ego, Baby.

PCtG: I think it's doing just fine.

Eris: It's not. You need to reinflate. You're like a flat balloon, and I'm getting sick of looking at you.

PCtG: Well, this is, quite possibly, the way I like it.

Eris: No, it isn't. You need about 6 women swooning over you at any given time. What was your last count?

PCtG: Um, about zero.

Eris: Exactly. You're drowning in a sea that has no water, child. Wake up and smell the saltwater!

PCtG: I thought you just said there was no water?

Eris: [punching PCtG]

PCtG: Ouch! That hurts!

Eris: You deserve it for that last comment.

PCtG: You're probably right. Thanks.

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