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A Conversation with Eris, part VIII:

MJD: How many hints do I need before I get the hint?

Eris: I've been asking myself that exact question for months.

MJD: Hey, babe. Been a while. You're as beautiful as ever.

Eris: I've been out of town, and you're as annoyingly flirty as ever. Don't ever go changing, Green.

MJD: You know me, babe. I only know one way to interact with people.

Eris: One of your many quirks. So how many hints does it take to get to the brain of PCtG?

MJD: You always ask the tough questions. Apparently, a hell of a lot.

Eris: What's the issue, Green? I know you get it. Deep down, you get it.

MJD: I know. It's just. . . so hard to let go.

Eris: Look, Greeny: you know I hate to lecture. Especially when you already know everything I might have to say.

MJD: I know. But taking the hint might mean I have to accept a reality I don't believe I should have to accept.

Eris: I know how you feel, but look: This one isn't interested. That one is. The other one doesn't matter, and the fourth, well, the timing is horrible. You really only have one good route to take.

MJD: But you understand why I'm afraid of that path?

Eris: Of course. Choosing one road closes off the others.

MJD: Exactly.

Eris: But a number of roads are already closed.

MJD: I know. And I see them closed. But to say that they are closed by choosing another route instead would make it true.

Eris: It's already true. None of them are true.

MJD: But it's permissible that they all are.

Eris: Green, you have to make that choice. Do it now. Love you, you stubborn little bastard.

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