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from Rev. Michael J Dangler

Want me? I'll present for Festival fees, or whatever your other presenters are getting (the cheap ones, not the higher-end ones). If your other presenters aren't getting anything either, then I'm cool with getting nothing. I'm not picky, and I do this because I like to, not because I get paid for it.

If your festival or group is a long way from central Ohio, though, the cost of airfare will play a huge role, and I'm not above being offered a bit of compensation (though it is not required).

I need several weeks notice in most cases, as I like to make each workshop unique, not a simple re-hash of the same material. There may be a required fee and RSVP for some workshops.

Where there is a range listed for time, please specify how long  you are allotting for my workshop (including question and answer time, and how long a break between classes you want) so I can fit it into the time provided.

My Bio is available at the bottom.

Workshop categories:
ADF/Druidry | Ritual Skills | Magic | Runes | Deities
Rituals | Vedic | Etruscans | Misc. | In Development
Presenter Bio

ADF/Druidry Workshops:

An Awfully Big Adventure: Signposts on the Final Journey of Indo-European Souls (1.5 hours)

It is well known by any who study the lore what awaits us after death: there is a kingdom of the dead we arrive at, with various perils and paths that branch off along the way. This workshop looks at the IE journey to the afterlife, drawing heavily on comparative mythology to show what signposts (ferrymen, waterspaces, dogs, and kings to name but a few) present themselves as we journey through that last, awfully big adventure: death. (given at Trillium, Wellspring, Summerland, and Midnight Flame, and Pagan Pride Day Columbus 2009)

Cultivating the Fire of Piety (1.5 hours)

Druidry is less about what we believe and more about what we do. Rather than forcing the Folk into paradigms of belief, we Druids simply do what is right. This workshop examines what that means for us as Druids (and, more broadly, as Neo-Pagans) and offers suggestions about how to build an internal tradition of practice that will eventually lead to the belief and faith that we all long to have in our hearts. (Given at Wellspring 2007 and Pagan Pride Day Columbus 2007.)

Finding Your Grove's Voice (1.5 hours)

Every group has a unique voice and something to say with it. This workshop explores seeking that voice, defining it as a group, and learning to speak with it within ritual and within your daily life. The lessons in this workshop speak to a variety of beneficial things every Grove should know, from how to collect stellar examples of your shared voice, how to weave them into the fabric of your Grove, and how to build a single shared identity through the voice you develop.

Druidry and Discordianism (1.5 hours)

Designed for academic classes, this is a survey of the rituals and beliefs of Druids and Discordians, focusing particularly on the origins of these two diverse faiths, their rituals, and the influences around them. (Given as part of the cirriculum of two classes at The Ohio State University.)

[An abridged version of this which focuses particularly on ADF practice takes about 1 hour]

Druidry 101 (1 hour)

The Druids of Gaul, Britain, and Ireland are a mystery to many people, and there's also a lot of misinformation out there. In this workshop, we'll separate fact from fiction, talking about the culture that birthed the Druids, what remnants (if any) can still be found today, the revival of Druidism, and the future of the movements that are around now.

What is ADF? (1 hour)

What's ADF? What do ADF Druids believe? Where does ADF fit into the scheme of things in terms of the Neo-Pagan movement? We'll answer these questions and more, talk about personal spirituality and the ethics presented by ADF, and discuss the various training programs ADF offers. This can be offered immediately after the Druidry 101 workshop for one big workshop on Druidry.

ADF Druidry and Wicca: Similarities and Differences (1 hour)

Primarily, this is a workshop form of <>, except slightly expanded and with a question/answer session to follow.

Ritual Workshops:

Liturgical WARP: Liturgy Writing and Ritual Practice (2 hours)

Writing a good ritual is hard. Performing it publicly is even harder. This course examines Neo-Pagan ritual from the ground up, making suggestions for improvement, and discussing many aspects of Neo-Pagan ritual that no one likes to talk about, including theatrical concepts of ritual.

Creative ritual (1 - 2 hours)

Are your rituals in need of a bit of an "infusion" of sorts? Do you look around as you invoke the Horned God and find that people are yawning? Maybe it's time for a new approach to ritual! We'll start out discussing ways to work within your current liturgical paradigm, and move on to new ways to do things. Bring a specific issue you want resolved, and we'll talk about it. If nothing else, we'll learn something from each other. (Given at Walking With Fire, 2004)
Creative Offerings (1 hour)
Sick of pouring alcohol onto fires and Oohing and Ahhing over the resultant fireball? Getting a feeling that the Gods are tired of wheat? This workshop gives a new (and occasionally humourous) look at offerings that you can use in your rituals, including a brief discussion about how to get the most "bang for your buck" with offerings.
Creative Divination (30 minutes)
Need a quick yet fun workshop to fit into a tight schedule? We'll discuss the merits of playing cards, charades, and the ever-popular Magic 8 Ball as ways to spice up any ritual that has a non-serious bent. The workshop will divine answers using the most creative and interesting methods out there.
A Garden of Papayas and Mangos: Developing the Buffett Liturgy (1 hour)
A look at the Jimmy Buffett liturgy, wherein the Deities are honoured through the lyrics of Jimmy Buffett. It's a serious liturgy with a not-so-serious writer. (Given at Desert Magic Festival, 2005)
What To Do When Your Rituals Get Too Serious: Humour and Play in Ritual (1-3 hours, depending on how much help the subjects need)
Are you losing members because your rituals are too serious? Do you freak out when the fire refuses to start, or do you smile? How much humour is too much, and how do you know the difference? This workshop is a fun look at a topic that we sometimes take too seriously: even the Gods like to laugh sometimes, and unfortunately sometimes that laughter is directed at us, instead of with us. Learn to discern the difference! (Given at Walking With Fire, 2004)

Magic Workshops:

Amulets and Talismans (1 hour)

What are amulets and talismans? How do you make them? What is there origin? We will cover these topics and more, and study several examples cross-culturally in order to gain a better understanding. (Given at: PSA meeting, 2003)

Creating Amulets and Talismans (2 hours)

What are amulets and talismans? How do you make them? What is there origin? We will cover these topics and more, and study several examples cross-culturally in order to gain a better understanding. We will then begin work on our own talismans and amulets and learn how to make them on our own. (Given at: Desert Magic Festival, 2006)

Chaos Magic (1 - 3 hours)

What's Chaos Magic? What kind of ethics are important in it, if any? How do we pirate another person's/group's reality? If you don't like this lecture, you can banish it with laughter. You will get homework, but it's fun. (This is one of my favourite workshops. Depending on circumstances, there might be extra instructions to be inserted here, so please check prior to posting.) (Given at: PSA meeting, 2004)

"Something Involving Tentalces" (2 - 3 hours)

In a strange synthesis of fiction, chaos magic, and one big cosmic joke, this presentation will bring into focus the Cyclopean corpus of information on those weird things that lurk at the far edges of our consciousness: the fictional Elder Gods and Old Ones of Lovecraft's mythos. We'll discuss various Necronomicons, view modern interpretations of the mythos, and perhaps watch a short video or two. We'll also talk about the relevance of this particular mythos to modern Neo-Paganism (focusing on chaos magic) and the various uses and essays that have grown out of Lovecraft's stories (and the stories of those who have followed him). (This presentation requires some A/V equipment, please check with me about what I need) (Given at: PSA meeting, Feb. 2005; Walking With Fire, 2006)

The Sepher Ha-Razim: Reconstituted Jewish Magic from the Ancient World (1.5 hours)

The Sepher Ha-Razim is a book of Jewish magic from the first few centuries AD. Well, not exactly. More to the point, it's a reconstruction of such a text by Mordecai Margalioth done in the 1960's. The text is pieced together from many different texts, all around a similar time period (fourth or late third century AD). The text itself describes the seven firmaments of Heaven, and the angels in charge of each, as well as what those angels are useful for. It teaches you how to call these angels down to do certain tasks for the magician, and is, on the whole, an excellent example of what the ancient magician would have had on hand and what he would have been working from at this time. We'll cover the various firmaments and their companies of angels, including what each is useful for. We'll talk a bit about ancient magic and how this book displays some of the key features of those systems.

Rune Workshops:

Rune Poems (1.5 - 3 hours, depending on time frame)

This workshop examines the extant Rune Poems that form the basis for interpretation of the runes for magic and divination. This workshop includes about 20 pages of notes per person. Help with photocopying/printing is very much appreciated. (Given at: Elysium, 2003; PSA meeting, 2003)
Basic Rune Carving (1 hour)
What do those nifty runic inscriptions say, and how can I say the same thing? How do I leave my mark? What sorts of tools should I use to carve runes? All these questions and more will be answered. (Given at: Summerland, 2003)
Rune Set Carving (2 day workshop)
Various ways to carve runes are discussed, and each person gets to create his/her own set of runes that can be used for divination. Pre-registration and a fee for materials will be required for this class. This class incorporates the other two "Rune workshops," as well. I may need some help getting tools to the area if I have to fly.

Deity Workshops:

Esus (1 hour)

What do we know about this continental Celtic deity? What evidence exists, and how reliable is it? We'll take a hard look at the evidence, what's known and unknown, and we'll try and understand why scholars picture Esus as they do.

Continental Celtic Deities (1 - 1.5 hours)

Cernunnos and Epona are deities that everyone in modern Celtic Paganism has heard of. We have images of who they were and how they were worshipped, but does this image accurately reflect the deities of the ancient Celtic world? We'll discuss the gods and goddesses of the continent, and pay particular attention to the so-called "trinity" of Gaulish Gods: Esus, Taranis, Teutates. (Given at: Desert Magic Festival, 2004; Summerset Festival 2005)

Eris (1 hour)

The Goddess of Chaos, Our Lady of Discord, Defender of Nations: call her what you will, Eris is a force to be reckoned with in the modern Neo-Pagan community. We'll discuss five main points: the Eris of the Greeks and Romans; the Eris of today; the Discordian movement in general; Eris in ritual; and Eris in your personal life (Goddess help you). I promise you'll leave with a brand-new understanding of Eris.


An ADF Rite (2 hours)

A "standard" ADF ritual, tailored to your needs. Please note that pulling one of these off might require my Grove, as well. We also require a 30 minute time period for "Pre-Ritual Briefing", which should also be listed in the program before the rite.

The Belenus Rite (2 hours)

A ritual that follows the standard ADF ritual outline, designed to light the fires of Community, Blessing, and Sacrifice. This ritual requires the lighting of a large bonfire, which is sanctified and  I will not do this ritual without  my Grove, or at least a part of it. We also require a 30 minute time period for "Pre-Ritual Briefing", which should also be listed in the program before the rite. (Performed at: Summerset 2005)

Simple Chaos workings (these can fit any time period you want):

Basically, these generally consist of exercises that can take 5 minutes or a full weekend. If you're looking for something specific, let me know, otherwise we'll end up with something *I* want to do.

Complex Chaos Rites (time varies):

Most of these can clock in at about an hour, but some can take a damn long time. Again, it depends on what you want to do.

Vedic Workshops

The Lord of Wealth, the Child of the Waters, and the Bull in the Woods: The Vedic Culture and ADF (1.5 hours)

The Vedic hearth culture is a study in the challenges of working in a specific culture within an ADF framework. While we are fortunate enough to have extremely detailed ritual and religious texts from this culture, they do not always match up with our modern world or Our Druidry. We will deal briefly with sources, and then delve deeply into a number of concepts that particularly affect ADF ritual, and discuss three key divinities in the Vedic religion in particular: Indra, the storm god; Agni, the fire; and Soma, the intoxicating drink.

[Skipping the stuff about ADF can bring this down to about 1 hour and suitable for any other workshop environment]

A Lady of Morning Light: Usas (1 hour)

Usas, the goddess of the dawn in the Vedas, is a magical and beautiful goddess. Anyone who has ever watched the sun rise has seen Usas, and everyone has experienced her in some way. Possibly the most graceful and charming figure ever ever described in poetry, and the hymns to her are often considered to be the finest creations of any poet. Join us as we discuss Usas and her myths and hymns.

[This workshop should be scheduled for dawn.]

Etruscan Workshops:

Etruscan Religion: Recreation and Inspiration (1 hour)

A brief overview Etruscan religion, with an emphasis on how we can use it as a spring-board to create our own personal religion. (I don't want to do this at an ADF festival/Grove.) (Given at PSA meeting, 2006)


The Eastern European Vampire (1.5 - 2 hours)

Everybody is an expert on vampires. We all know exactly what they are when they're mentioned in conversation, and our minds conjure up images and thoughts for us to frighten ourselves with. In this workshop, we'll examine the origin of the vampire in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Slavic countries. We'll analyze the linguistics of the name, how the vampire of the Eastern European world differs from the Hollywood interpretation, discuss ways of becoming a vampire, how their powers are gained and what those powers are, and (of course) talk about how to destroy them. (Given at: Walking With Fire, 2005)

Founding and running a Pagan Student Association (time varies, depending on how much you want)

Over the past 8 years, I've seen a lot of what works and what doesn't work regarding how to start and run a PSA at this school and at many others. Included in this workshop are several good tips for getting started and making sure it runs long after the founders leave. This can also be conducted via email in a one-on-one basis. 

Rituals/Workshops in development:

If you're interested in one of these, they can be prepared with enough advance notice. Please inquire about their status.

ATIRMS (Time varies, see description)

"ATIRMS" stands for "A Topic I Really Must See". In other, simpler terms, you give me the topic (or just the title), and I provide the workshop. You need to give me some good lead time on this, though.
Ecstatic Body Postures (1.5 - 3 hours)
Based off the work of Felicitas Goodman, we will discuss the basic theory behind ecstatic body postures, commonality of experience, and trancework, and then we'll try out a posture specifically picked for your group.
A Study of the Greek Magical Papyri (1.5 - 2 hours)
A look at the numerous spells and techniques employed in the PGM and their impact on modern magic. Can we still use these spells today? How can we adapt them? Are these Indo-European, or are they something else entirely?
Magical Names, Palindromes, and Other Nonsense in the PGM (1.5 hours)
Looking at the Greek Magical Papyri, we see a number of names, palindromes, and strange nonsensical phrases that seem arbitrary. We'll take an in-depth study of these strange words and seek to categorize them.
Magical Names, Palindromes, and Glossolalia (1.5 hours)
Is there a connection between the nonsensical words of the PGM and the phenomenon of glossolalia? We'll start by defining glossolalia and looking at examples from across the world, and then move onto dissecting the names and palindromes in the PGM.
The Importance of Getting Dirty in Druidism (1.5 hours)
This workshop is designed to connect us with the earth in ways we rarely remember to connect. Wear something you don't mind getting dirty. Warning: mud may be involved!
Putting the Disco back in Discordianism (1 hour)
(This workshop is not currently offered because I don't know how to Disco, but if I ever learn, I'll be sure to offer it to all comers!)

The Stripper Liturgy (time: 1.5 hrs.):

An idea gakked from a friend, whose brother made the off-hand comment, "Whatever you have to do to get people in church. Even if it's strippers on poles," and brought a sudden flash of brilliance and fire to my mind, this liturgy involves some special props and several strippers to dance invocations. The Axis Mundi is a stripper's pole. Follows the ADF Standard Liturgy. (This liturgy is in progress, and far from completion, due to the need to find strippers to do it, and to invest in a portable strippers pole or three.)

The Muppet Liturgy (time: 1.5 hrs.):

The cast of the Muppets replaces the usual pantheon. Follows the ADF Standard Liturgy. (This liturgy is in progress, and will be finished soon, I hope, but is not ready yet.)

Rituals/Workshops No Longer Offered

The Buffett Liturgy (Time? "Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum and we wound up drinking all night," of course!)

(This ritual was run from 2003 until 2007. This ritual involves drinking, displaying various bardic skills, singing, and cheeseburgers. It requires electricity (for blenders), fire (for cheeseburgers), and some decoration. It's a hell of a lot of fun.)

This ritual takes the ADF Standard Liturgy and turns the words of Jimmy Buffett into a creative experiment, designed to show just how adaptable the Standard Liturgy really is, and how it can be applied to our own personal, modern and post-modern Druidism and spirituality. Bring chairs or a towel to sit on, because we'll be basking in the presence of the Gods rather than standing. Appropriate ritual attire includes sandals, grass skirts, and Hawaiian shirts, or perhaps a floral print robe (if you didn't bring anything like that, whatever you come in will be accepted, including long white robes). If you drink, we can promise you'll be drunk by the end of it; alternative virgin drinks will be available to those who either cannot/do not drink or are in recovery. Instead of the usual sacrifices held to the Powers and the Patrons, we will include our opening round of the Bardic Circle for the evening, where each person will have the chance to share one song, story, poem, or other bardic/artistic sacrifice to whichever Power they wish, and more can be shared after the first round of offerings as we receive the blessings of the Gods. So, bring your instruments, your voice, and your inspiration. We will be sailing from the Port of Indecision for calmer waters for the night.

[Performed at the Summerland Gathering 2003 and 2004, Desert Magic Festival 2005, and Trillium 2006. This ritual is experiencing a well-deserved retirement for a while.]


Standard Bios:

ADF festivals/groups:

Rev. Michael J Dangler has been an ADF member for 9 years. He is currently the Past Senior Druid and Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, in Columbus, OH, and some of his work appears in the ADF Dedicant Path. He was appointed Deputy Preceptor in 2003. He completed his Dedicant Path in May of 2003, became an ADF Dedicant Priest in 2006, and currently works as a Dedicant Mentor for some members. He has studied runes for a few years, learning Old Norse in order to begin translation on the Rune Poems himself. He is a Chaos Magician by choice, but a Discordian because he has no choice. If you see him before or after the workshop, go talk to him: we bet he thinks you're pretty cool and definitely interesting. He will be presenting on _Topic_ on _Date_ at _Time_.

Non-ADF festivals/groups:

Rev. Michael J Dangler is the Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, in Columbus, OH. He's been an ADF member for 9 years, and practicing Druidism for 12. He is also a Discoridian and Chaos Magician when the mood strikes him. He has studied runes for a few years, learning Old Norse in order to begin translation on the Rune Poems himself. If you see him before or after the workshop, go talk to him: we bet he thinks you're pretty cool and definitely interesting. He will be presenting on _Topic_ on _Date_ at _Time_.


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