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You may notice a slightly updated design on this page. . . I hope to spread it through the site over time. Do let me know what you think about it!

Earlier this year, I became the third current ADF member to complete the ADF Clergy Training Program. This is a somewhat big accomplishment, and I'm very proud of it. It has led to my ordination as an ADF Senior Priest.

Much of the reason that my front page has been so stagnant has been because of my progress through and focus on the CTP. Getting through that has been hard-fought and hard won, but very rewarding. Something else has also changed: I have begun to move away from one of my patrons, Eris, and on toward a one-deity patronage relationship with Esus. This doesn't mean that I'm giving up chaos forever (in fact, I may accelerate some chaos magic work in ways I haven't in a long time), but it does mean that the relationship I once had with Eris is fading and changing in interesting ways.

I have been building additional pages on the backend, including:

  • All my CTP work – Over the past year, I have completed two circles of the CTP, and it's all be updated and placed on display. Please feel free to take a look at it.
  • My Ordination Application – This is the application I put forth to the ADF Clergy Council requesting ordination. It was approved and granted.
  • Confession 50 – I reached my 50th confession received via the confession form on the site. I admit, I sort of like getting confessions through the site. Since #50, a few more have rolled in.
  • The Rush Oracle – Supplementing the Buffett, Homeric, and Christian oracles with an oracle built on the lyrics of the band Rush.
  • A Discordian Qibla – For those times when you really want to pray to a Discordian Mecca, this will help you determine what direction Eris, Ohio, is (also: mobile version)!

If you've been watching my RSS feed, though, you already know about most of the backend stuff.

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