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Special Occasion Rituals

This course was designed to expand a student's knowledge and experiences for liturgical development beyond high day liturgy and specifically targets the development of liturgy for use in everyday life for a variety of different purposes.

Exit Standards

  1. Describe how it is different to write and perform a special occasion ritual instead of a High Day ritual. (100 words minimum)
  2. Define "rite of passage" in your own words. (no min. word count)
  3. Describe how the following elements of the Core Order of Ritual can be used in a special occasion ritual in a way that takes into consideration religiously diverse audiences that may not be accepting of ADF traditions and practices (minimum 50 words per element):
    1. Calling for the Blessings and Hallowing the Waters
    2. Honoring the Earth Mother
    3. Inviting the Three Kindreds
    4. Recreating the Cosmos
    5. Opening/Closing the Gates
  4. Write a full ritual for one of the following rites of passage (or other with written approval from the CC Preceptor):
    1. Birth or adoption of a child
    2. Wedding/handfasting
    3. Funeral
    4. Manmaking or womanmaking
    5. Naming a child
    6. Making an elder
    7. Ordination or consecration
    8. Divorce or separation
    9. Retirement
    10. Troop deployment and return
  5. Write three full rituals, one for three of the following options (or other with written approval from the CC Preceptor):
    1. Giving a child a driver's license
    2. House blessing or cleansing
    3. A child's first day of school or college
    4. Empty nest
    5. Graduation
    6. First home
    7. Purchasing a prom or wedding dress
    8. Baby shower
    9. Job promotion or change
  6. Write a healing ritual different from other rituals written for this course.
  7. Write a protection ritual different from other rituals written for this course.
  8. Optional: If any of the rituals submitted for questions 4-7 have been performed, provide a brief description and analysis of the ritual performance. (no minimum word count)


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