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Special Occasion Rituals, Requirement 5i

Write three full rituals, one for three of the following options (or other with written approval from the CC Preceptor):

  1. Giving a child a driver's license
  2. House blessing or cleansing
  3. A child's first day of school or college
  4. Empty nest
  5. Graduation
  6. First home
  7. Purchasing a prom or wedding dress
  8. Baby shower
  9. Job promotion or change

Ritual for Job Change

This ritual should be scheduled for dawn on the morning of the first day of work at a new job.

Initiating the Rite

Today, I step forth onto a new path, one whose end is not determined, one that is different and changes me in remarkable ways. I go forth with the blessings of Usas, goddess of dawn, and all the Kindreds.


I step from my old life and my old work; I leave behind the things that will not help me in this next job, and I bring all those things that will aid me. As the smoke from this incense purifies me, let it carry off fear and worry. As this blessed water cleanses me, let it wash away doubt and stress. Let me go to this new job prepared and aware of what lies in store for me.

Honoring the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, upon you I stand, a child of yours.
You have supported me every day of my life.
You have held me as I slept each night.

As I go forth into this rite and into this life,
I ask that you support me still, as I know you will.
Uphold me and keep me, Earth Mother.

Statement of Purpose

As stated, I come to this rite to ask for guidance and blessing, to know that this dawn brings a long day, full of prosperity and joy. I offer to the Kindreds and especially to Usas, a lady of bright beginnings, who favours my undertakings with her ever-present beauty and joy.

(Re)Creating the Cosmos

The waters support and surround me,
The sky stretches out above me,
The land extends about me,
And at the center, burns a living flame.
May all the Kindred bless me.
May my worship be true, my actions be just, and my love be pure.
Blessings, honour, and worship to the Holy Ones.

Opening the Gate(s)

Garanus Crane, you who walk beside me and shelter me in your wing,
I ask that you be with me today as I embark on this journey.
Guide me, ward me, stand by me as I walk the Elder Ways.
Garanus, accept this sacrifice. [offering of oil or fishes to the fire]

Now, with your magic joined with mine,
Let the Well open as a gate.
Let the Fire open as a gate.
Let the Tree stand at the center of the worlds.

Let the Gates be open!

Inviting the Three Kindreds

Calling to the Upper Kindreds

High in the Heavens, Heroes and Holy
Beyond the visible reaches of the Sky
Beyond the Veil of the Stars and Sun
Those Kindred that shine with light from Above
Shining Ones, Ancestors, Nature Spirits
Far-Seeing and Brightly clothed in gold light
Come to my Fire, offerings for Thee
A welcome to the Powers of Heaven
Be comfortable in my abode today.

Calling to the Middle Kindreds

Here among us are Gods and Dead and Sidhe
Standing within mists, coming to meet us
Coming nearer as we give offering
Standing next to us in our times of need.
In trees and streams, under foot, in the air
The Spirits of Place surround us always
Their songs reach our ears, their beauty our eyes
I call welcome to Spirits of this Realm
Be comfortable in my abode today.

Calling to the Chthonic Kindreds

Down below our feet, deep within the ground
In the fertile womb of the Earth Mother
Are denizens of Dark, unknown to us:
Gods of the Earth, Ancestors, and Earth-Kin.
Our bones will rest here though our soul will rise
Now we pour libation to these Kindred
Knowing their place in life and the Cosmos
I welcome the spirits of Dark Earth.
Be comfortable in my abode today.

Key Offerings

Now with all the Powers of all the worlds present, I call out to the patron of this rite, Usas, lady of dawn.

Today dawns the last of all dawns that have been
And the first of all dawns that will be.
Clothed in light, she appears in the east
Awakening man and beasts and lighting the fires of sacrifice.
Beloved of heaven, Usas unveils the treasures hidden by darkness,
Distributing them to all the pious who make sacrifice.

Usas, you have awakened me to the last dawn and the first,
And though each glimpse of you wastes my life, it prolongs it yet again.
Bringer of wealth, breath of life, warder against evil:
Let this be the first of many days I greet in your blessed light.

To you I humbly offer this ghee, shining like your arms dripping of cosmic water,
That you may bless me and make this day that dawns now long and prosperous.
Let this day that begins with the appearance of your ruddy face bring wealth to myself and my family.
Let the fire of scrifice you kindle today be the fire of blessing within my heart always.

Usas, accept my sacrifice!

Prayer of Sacrifice


Fire of Sacrifice,
You burn the offering
Making it fit for Gods
And all the Holy Ones.


Having given sacrifice and called out to the Kindreds, I now call and ask what blessings they bring for this new job I am to take.

I ask, what are the tools and blessings the Kindreds offer me for this new job?

[Pull and interpret three symbols]

Calling for the Blessings

Endless are the Waters
  Joyfully flowing
  Thoroughly cleansing
  Never sleeping
Endlessly flowing in channels
  Furrowed by Taranis
  The Great Bull
  The Thunderer
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

These are the Waters from the Heavens
  Waters from the Earth
  Waters gushing free.
Alone, Shining Waters
  Roaring in blessings
  Beautifully flowing to the ocean
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

Presiding over the flowing Waters
  Are the Shining Ones
  Who know truth from falsehood.
Shining Ones, givers of Blessing
  Knowers of cosmic order
  Ceaselessly purifying
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

Hallowing the Blessing

Here the flowing waters have arrived,
Here the flowing waters have come.
They have been won for us by the Kindreds
And they are now ours to drink deeply.

I call out these blessings and sing them into this water
That the tools of the Kindreds may be tools for my hands.

[sing the name of the runes into the waters]

With these waters now blessed, I drink deeply of the gifts of the Kindreds!

[Drink, but keep some waters back for the working]

Affirmation of the Blessing

Having now received these blessings, I seek to make first use of them.


[Tools to be used in the new job are laid out.]

I take these waters now, blessed by those who show their love for me.
I draw these blessed waters from their container
And spread them widely over the tools laid out here.

As I go forth into this new work, may these tools serve me well.
May they serve me with the blessings of the Kindreds,
May they serve me with the beauty of the new dawn,
And may they ever remind me and fill me with their blessings and beauty when I draw them forth.

May the blessings received this day be ever with me.

Thanking the Beings

Usas, for your shining and lustrous beauty, I thank you.
Kindreds of the heavens, for your aid this day, I thank you.
Kindreds of this realm, for your aid this day, I thank you.
Kindreds of the underworld, for your aid this day, I thank you.
To all the powers who have here aided me, I thank you.
Garanus, for your guiding and warding, I thank you.

Closing the Gate(s)

Garanus, I ask now one final boon:
Let the tree at the center be only a tree,
Let the fire be only flame,
Let the well be only a vessel of water.
Let the Gates be closed!

Thanking the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, for upholding me in this rite as you do each day, I thank you.
To you I shall return all I leave unused.

Closing the Rite

With the blessings of Usas, I go forth into this world. A new dawn awaits me. May it be the dawn of a long and prosperous day, and may many more dawns follow! This rite is ended!


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