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Special Occasion Rituals, Requirement 8

Optional: If any of the rituals submitted for questions 4-7 have been performed, provide a brief description and analysis of the ritual performance. (no minimum word count)

I have performed two of these rituals before: the Wedding Rite and the House Blessing rite. Both were done independently of a COoR ritual, though they fit nicely within the Working section.

Wedding Rite (See Req. 4b)

The Wedding Rite was done for a former Grove member's wedding, and it was very nice. The ritual itself does not take long, but it was nice to do something other than "the usual" for a wedding. I have since used variations on this ritual (which have included dividing it out into various parts, adding new sections in, and doing it in context of a full COoR rite). The thing I learned from this ritual, though, is that you must tell people to "please be seated" in weddings, or else they won't get that memo. Coming from a religious tradition where our rituals are both relaxed and demanding of independent thought, these little things aren't always obvious. It is now written into every wedding I do so that I don't have to worry about forgetting it.

House Blessing Rite (See Req. 5b)

This rite is done at least once per year, at our Anagantios rite in February. This rite, the "stay at home moon rite" is a ritual where our Grove Priest(s) comes to bless the house. We bring a candle that has been lit from the fire at Kildare to each house, light it, and bless the house and leave each household with a candle also from that flame. This rite works very well for all sizes of houses, since we go room-to-room, and is typically done with no COoR structure surrounding it. It is one of my favourite things to do all year as a Priest.


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