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Special Occasion Rituals, Requirement 6

Write a healing ritual different from other rituals written for this course.

Ritual for Healing to Eir

This ritual is to Eir, a shadowy figure in Norse myth, with whom I worked at Midnight Flame in 2009.

Initiating the Rite

Today we come together to heal __NN__, who is afflicted with [sickness]. We call out to the Kindreds to aid us in this work, but especially we call out to Eir, the lady who sits upon the healing mountain and makes those who come in *ghosti- whole and well again. We will make offerings and call for her waters to cleanse __NN__. Now, let us process to meet the Kindreds in our Sacred Grove.


Honoring the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, upon you I stand, a child of yours.
You have supported me every day of my life.
You have held me as I slept each night.

As I go forth into this rite and seek healing,
I ask that you support me still, as I know you will.
Uphold me and keep me, Earth Mother.

Calling Inspiration

Powers of inspiration that attend us,
Guide us to speak with beauty and right speech.
Ensure our words are elegant and true,
And bring us honour as we speak to the Kindreds.
Inspiration, hear our call!

(Re)Creating the Cosmos

The waters support and surround us,
The sky stretches out above us,
The land extends about us,
And at our center, burns a living flame.
May all the Kindred bless us.
May our worship be true, our actions be just, and our love be pure.
Blessings, honour, and worship to the Holy Ones.


Now, with pur purpose stated and the world in order, let us call out to those who would stand against us: ettins and trolls, forces of chaos and disorder, beings malformed and misshapen, and all those whose voices will not harmonize with ours in healing: We make this offering to you, and ask that you leave us be for this time!

Opening the Gate(s)

Garanus Crane, you who walk beside us and shelter us in your wing,
I ask that you be with us today as we embark on this journey.
Guide us, ward us, stand by us as we walk the Elder Ways.
Garanus, accept this sacrifice. [offering of oil or fishes to the fire]

Now, with your magic joined with mine,
Let the Well open as a gate.
Let the Fire open as a gate.
Let the Tree stand at the center of the worlds.

Let the Gates be open!

Inviting the Three Kindreds

Calling to the Upper Kindreds

High in the Heavens, Heroes and Holy
Beyond the visible reaches of the Sky
Beyond the Veil of the Stars and Sun
Those Kindred that shine with light from Above
Shining Ones, Ancestors, Nature Spirits
Far-Seeing and Brightly clothed in gold light
Come to my Fire, offerings for Thee
A welcome to the Powers of Heaven
Be comfortable in our abode today.

Calling to the Middle Kindreds

Here among us are Gods and Dead and Sidhe
Standing within mists, coming to meet us
Coming nearer as we give offering
Standing next to us in our times of need.
In trees and streams, under foot, in the air
The Spirits of Place surround us always
Their songs reach our ears, their beauty our eyes
I call welcome to Spirits of this Realm
Be comfortable in our abode today.

Calling to the Chthonic Kindreds

Down below our feet, deep within the ground
In the fertile womb of the Earth Mother
Are denizens of Dark, unknown to us:
Gods of the Earth, Ancestors, and Earth-Kin.
Our bones will rest here though our soul will rise
Now we pour libation to these Kindred
Knowing their place in life and the Cosmos
I welcome the spirits of Dark Earth.
Be comfortable in our abode today.

Key Offerings

The offering made is an artistic piece of silver and gold, such as a torc, bracelet, or necklace.

Now with all the Powers of all the worlds present, I call out to the patron of this rite, Eir

There is a maid at Mengold's knee,
Who knows the ways of healing.
Upon the healing mountain she sits
And draws the cool waters from below
These waters she brings for those who come
A gift within their open hand
And pours them out upon the pious
To make them whole and free from harm.

Eir, we ask that you bring these waters forth,
that you pour them down upon us,
and we bring as gift this worked silver and gold.

Eir, accept our sacrifice!

Prayer of Sacrifice


Fire of Sacrifice,
You burn the offering
Making it fit for Gods
And all the Holy Ones.


Having given sacrifice and called out to the Kindreds, I now call and ask what blessings they bring.

I ask, what are the healing ways and blessings the Kindreds offer us in these waters?

[Pull and interpret three symbols]

Calling (asking) for the Blessings

These are indeed powerful omens;
take a moment to reflect upon them.
Consider first how these blessings affect you,
how you can find their healing expression in your life.

Next consider how these blessings relate to us all,
how the community as a whole, and this Grove in particular
might be affected by the Great One's blessings.

Now, in your mind's eye, see the blessings manifest:
A mist around us, a shining ray from the heavens,
a deep welling from the bosom of the earth.
See the blessings in your own way,
And know the Gods pour them out for you.

Hallowing the Blessing

[elevate larger pitcher]

All waters are by nature sacred,
welling from the earth or falling from the sky,
but today, we separate these waters *
Asking that they be infused with the blessings of the Kindreds.

[* - pour the waters into a smaller vessel as you speak this line]

[At this point, the waters are set in the center of three candles, unlit as yet. Source note: I picked this up from Ian Corrigan]

Ancient and mighty ones, we have honoured you,
And you have offered us blessings in turn:
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

All: Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

[First candle lit]

Your blessings mingle with the waters before us,
Infusing them, becoming one with them:
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

[Second candle lit]

In all the ways your blessings may come, in all their forms,
mixing with the waters here, shining and bright with your love for us:
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!

[Third candle lit]

[Pause for a moment, and hold your hand, wand, or sickle over the waters. Direct the energy from the Grove into the container.]

These Waters now hold the blessings of the Gods,
The outpouring of love from the Great Ones
As we share in these sacred waters,
we drink in wisdom, strength and blessing.

[elevate the Waters]

Behold, the Waters of Life!

Affirmation of the Blessing

Children of the Earth, before you is the holy cup
Do you wish to share in these blessings?

All: We do!

Then, as the waters are poured out,
know that they hold blessings for you and this grove and this community.
Work well with these blessings, Children of the Earth.

Some waters are held back for the working


Now, having given of our wealth and received blessings, and knowing now the omens of this work, we begin our healing work, with Eir's blessing.

Eir, you who sits upon the healing mountain,
You who make whole the pious,
You who pours out the cool waters!

We call out now, on behalf of __NN__.
__NN__ is in need of healing, and we come as her community
Offering her love and support
And ask that you accept the gifts we have given freely
And release the waters from your healing mountain.

As we sing out and wash __NN's__ wounds,
As we send our energy to __NN__,
Release those healing waters into these waters now blessed!
Let them be one in the same
And let these waters heal __NN__.

The folk begin to tone, slowly at first, and then building. Hands should be pointed, palm open, at the recipient of the healing, and the waters should be used to wash the afflicted area or drunk by the person receiving healing (or both) depending on the nature of the healing needed. The leader should then begin to speak over the toning when it is appropriate:

Eir, you have brought the healing waters!
These waters that run down from your high seat,
that spring forth from your holy mountain;
they cleanse __NN__ and make him/her whole again!

Now, with all our power, drawn from the blessings of the Kindreds,
Let us tone three final Awens!

The toning should end at this point, the recpient should be given any help needed, and then the beings should be thanked:

Thanking the Beings

Eir, for your healing and wholeness, I thank you.
Kindreds of the heavens, for your aid this day, I thank you.
Kindreds of this realm, for your aid this day, I thank you.
Kindreds of the underworld, for your aid this day, I thank you.
To all the powers who have here aided me, I thank you.
Garanus, for your guiding and warding, I thank you.

Closing the Gate(s)

Garanus, I ask now one final boon:
Let the tree at the center be only a tree,
Let the fire be only flame,
Let the well be only a vessel of water.
Let the Gates be closed!

Thanking the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, for upholding me in this rite as you do each day, I thank you.
To you I shall return all I leave unused.

Closing the Rite

With the blessings of the Kindreds, I go forth into this world. This rite is ended!


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