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Liturgy 1

The scope of Liturgy 1 is the theory of ADF's liturgy and its underlying cosmology. 

Course objectives include an understanding of the purpose(s) and function(s) of ADF ritual; the roles and functions of individuals in ritual; each step in the ADF Order of Ritual; the entities who are addressed and how to address them correctly. Students will be thoroughly familiar with the elements of our liturgy and cosmology, why ADF Liturgy employs those elements, and in which order they are used. N.B.: Liturgy 1 is covers the basic theoretical aspects of ADF liturgy; see Liturgy 2 for more practical liturgical concerns.

Exit Standards:

1. Describe the purpose and function of ritual. (minimum 300 words)

2. Describe some of the roles individuals might take on within the context of ritual. (minimum 100 words)

3. Describe the concepts of the Center and the Gates in ADF’s Standard Liturgical Outline. (minimum 600 words)

4. Discuss why ADF rituals need not have a defined outer boundary, or "circle" and the sacralization of space in ritual. (minimum 100 words)

5. Discuss the Earth Mother and her significance in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

6. Discuss the ritual significance of Fire and Water in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

7. Discuss the origins of the Fire, Well and Tree, and the significance of each in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words for each of the Fire, Well and Tree)

8. Discuss the Outdwellers and their significance in ritual (or not, as the case may be). (minimum 100 words)

9. Describe the intention and function of the Three Kindred invocations, and give a short description of each of the Kindred. (minimum 100 words for each of the Three Kindred)

10. Describe other possible models for the "Filling Out the Cosmic Picture" sections. (minimum 100 words)

11. Describe other possible models for the Sacred center. (minimum 100 words)

12. Discuss how one would choose the focus (or focuses) for the Key Offerings. (minimum 100 words)

13. Discuss your understanding of Sacrifice, and its place in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

14. Discuss your understanding of the Omen. (minimum 100 words)

15. Discuss your understanding of the Blessing Cup, or "Return Flow." (minimum 100 words)

16. Describe how ADF liturgy corresponds with your personal or group practice. (minimum 100 words)


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