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Describe how ADF liturgy corresponds with your personal or group practice. (minimum 100 words)

While working through the Dedicant Program, I started working with an abridged version of the Standard Liturgy that was designed for one person. I lifted it pretty wholesale from Skip’s lecture on “Daily Worship Rites” at Summerland two years ago.

Over time, I found that it was far too cumbersome to work with everyday, so I started cutting back on the use of this abridged liturgy. It’s now only used when I really feel that I need it.

I’m a huge fan of high church rituals, and I love to participate in them and lead that style, so the ADF Standard Liturgy works very well for me. My main experience outside of my own Grove with this ritual has been with 6th Night Grove, and Three Cranes Grove lifted their standard liturgy wholesale from them. Over time, we’ve moved things and changed things around (special thanks to 6th Night, GROTTO, and SLG for all their work that we shamelessly stole!)

We’ve shortened the liturgy down to run at about 45 minutes to an hour at the most. If we needed to, we could probably cut out more and make it 30 minutes. The ritual works well for us, and the convenience of having a Standard Liturgy we can cut and paste info into is very, very helpful.

In short, I love the Standard Liturgy, and we know that we can make changes if necessary, but we’ll be sure to detail major changes to ADF-LITURGISTS and ADF-LEADERSHIP.

I'm also a big fan of adapting these rituals to unorthodox topics. See my Buffett Liturgy for an example.


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