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Discuss your understanding of Sacrifice, and its place in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

In order for me to discuss sacrifice, I need to divine two terms: "do ut des" and "charis". The first, do ut des, is Latin, and means "I give so that you will give." It indicates a relationship where both parties are bound to give an offering to the other in exchange for a previous gift. In a do ut des type of sacrifice, the Gods have no choice but to respond in kind.

Charis, on the other hand, is a Greek word that describes a relationship of hospitality, a rather less strict exchange. Here, instead of being bound and required to return a gift to another, a relationship is established with each participant having the freedom and ability to respond with something in return. In this relationship, gifts are given because each party wishes to, not because they are required to.

The system of sacrifice in ADF ritual seems to follow a pattern of charis more than do ut des. As we give to the Kindred, we are building a relationship and strengthening it over time. We do not demand a return from the Gods, but we request it; sometimes it is granted, and sometimes not.

Having a working, loving relationship with the Gods is also important. We need Their influence in our lives from time to time. If we give, not to get things, but to build a relationship, we will be far more likely to have our requests granted when we need them.


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