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Liturgy 1, Question 11

Describe other possible models for the Sacred center. (minimum 100 words)

The normal sacred center of Fire, Well, and Tree can be created in a number of alternative ways. The "Tree" aspect is the first to be replaced most often, followed by the "Well" aspect. I imagine that this is because cool things happen when you throw things in the fire, but you just get a thunk or splash when something hits the well or a tree.

The Tree can often be replaced by a sacred Pillar, or also a sacred Mountain. In the Buffett ritual, we replaced the normal "world tree" with a palm tree, making that the center of our world for a night.

The Well can be replaced by a shaft, or a mundus, and offerings can be poured or placed directly into the earth. This is something commonly done in the ancient world, and works nicely. In the Buffett ritual, we replaced the well with a conceptual ocean, making that our access to the chaotic but beautiful Otherworld.

The Fire can be replaced, but rarely is. In the Buffett ritual, we replaced it with a big blow-up sun that wore sunglasses.

Also, directions can be substituted, or the five provinces of Ireland, or perhaps three fires can do the work of each component of the sacred center (as they do in Vedic mythology). There are many possibilities.


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