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Liturgy 1, Question 12

Discuss how one would choose the focus (or focuses) for the Key Offerings. (minimum 100 words)

Choosing the focus of a ritual is generally fairly easy for any ritual that falls on a High Day. Often, in the case of Lughnassadh or Beltaine, you can find the name of an appropriate deity for the focus of the key offerings right there. There is also a good deal of lore written about who to call on for feasts that aren't so well-named, such as the solar holidays.

If you're looking to use the ADF Standard Liturgy for magical purposes, you can check any of the various online or printed tables of correspondences to see what power might be appropriate to the work.

But the most important thing is to think about what you're doing. It is important that if you call two deities, that they be reasonably compatible, and that they work in the same general direction (and that this direction is the same as the way you are going). Common sense is the best way to choose the focus of your ritual.

Of course, sometimes an unconventional choice can bring the brightest of successes. Often, it is wise to compare multiple deities and think about how they will interact with each other, as well as how they will interact with your topic. You never know when you'll find an interesting combination.


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