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Discuss your understanding of the Omen. (minimum 100 words)

In Three Cranes' rituals, there comes a moment of truth. The Gods are asked three questions, and their answers are interpreted. People have described feelings of unease and anxiety at this time, sometimes not realizing that they have been holding their breath until the first question is answered.

The omen serves as the direct link to the Deities. This is often when our prayers, praises, and questions are answered the first time. Using a symbol set that is (at least somewhat) familiar to the Deities, we allow them to answer in general terms, and usually take inspiration to come to a more exact meaning. Theoretically, the symbol set could be bypassed and the "omen" could then be pure inspiration, but the symbols act as a compass, setting our inner minds on a course that helps focus our inspiration on a manageable manner.

The trepidation and anxiety that come with the omen derive from the knowledge that we have honoured the Gods as best we can, but there is always a possibility that our sacrifices, prayers, and praises have not been enough. This is rare, but a negative answer to the first question, "Have our sacrifices been accepted?" draws out more prayers, praises, and sacrifices, thus serving to elevate the worshippers further by elevating the Gods.


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