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Liturgy Writing 2

Liturgical Writing 2 was designed to build upon the knowledge and skills developed for theory and practice in Liturgical Writing 1. This course focuses on the idea of writing prayers for a variety of purposes for use in ADF ritual. Students must include sources or influences if the student borrowed or modified an idea or phrasing for use in liturgy submitted for this course.

Exit Standards

  1. Define "votive offering" and write a prayer (including stage directions if applicable) for a votive offering. (100 words for definition; minimum 75 words for prayer)
  2. Write three prayers, one each for three of the following occasions (no minimum word count):
    1. a piacular offering
    2. lighting a sacrificial fire
    3. a meal blessing
    4. praise to accompany an offering
    5. remembering a recently-passed ancestor
    6. a blessing to end a ritual
  3. Write two prayers, one each for two of the following occasions (no minimum word count):
    1. opening a Grove business meeting
    2. before casting a ballot in an election
    3. before a job interview
    4. to protect a soldier at war
    5. for a child's first day at school
    6. for blessing a house
  4. Write a magical working for a full ADF rite suitable for use in a group setting, including stage directions as appropriate. (no minimum word count)
  5. Write one complete ritual for an ADF High Day. The ritual must be substantially original and suitable for use in a group setting. (no minimum word count)


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