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Leadership Development 2

Leadership Development 2 is designed to build upon the knowledge attained in Leadership Development 1. This course will assist students in examining theoretical knowledge and provide opportunities for application of this knowledge.

  1. Using the ADF vision statement at as a guide, how would you (as an ADF Priest) promote the growth and vision of ADF? (minimum 100 words)
  2. Describe five techniques you can use in your own life to improve your management of time. (minimum 300 words)
  3. Describe four ways to run an effective meeting (minimum 50 words each)
  4. Describe four barriers to running an effective meeting and discuss how you would overcome each barrier. (minimum 50 words each)
  5. Define and describe the characteristics of the term "effective communication" and discuss at least three barriers to effective communication. (minimum 200 words)
  6. Describe three avenues of communication that you have utilized to raise awareness about ADF in your community and name three more avenues that you may utilize in the future. (minimum 300 words)
  7. Choose three of the following questions that you might be asked by the media or public and write a response that you might give. (minimum 100 words for each response)
    1. A reporter asks, "A member of your Grove has just been reported to have molested a number of children over the last three years. Does your organization condone this behavior and what steps is it taking to protect its members from this behavior?"
    2. "We're here to protest your satanic cult and to protect our children from your evil behavior."
    3. A fireman says, "Your neighbors have reported that you have a fire in your backyard. We need to see what's going on!"
    4. Your neighbor is yelling obscenities at you during your ritual.
    5. A reporter asks, "I understand that ADF views itself as a legitimate church. Why do you think you should be treated as a real church?"
    6. "I have heard that ADF members practice polyamory. Isn't that against the law?"
    7. "Is ADF a cult or a religion?"


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