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Leadership Development, Question 2

Describe five techniques you can use in your own life to improve your management of time. (minimum 300 words)

I currently only use some of these management methods from time to time, and some with greater effect than others. In all cases, I can improve my use of them.

1. Task list

Keeping a running tally of various tasks that need to be done is the first step in ensuring that the rest of these steps are doable. The aim with a task list is to lay everything out in a format that allows you to take complete stock of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by (so task and deadline are the two main columns).

2. Prioritization

Once items have been laid out, they can then be arranged by priority and goals may be set to keep me on task. Items can be arranged by deadline, level of difficulty, and time required, and tasks can be broken down into smaller groups in order to allow me to work through smaller steps with their own timeline that will help me complete a task in a more ordered manner.

3. Time blocking and dedicated time

Tasks that have been prioritized then need to be blocked out with time devoted to them (and with other things excluded from that time). The aim here is to ensure that there is uninterrupted time that can be used to complete given tasks to help meet the priorities and deadlines already set.

4. Schedulers and/or calendars

Scheduling programs and calendars with ticklers or alarms are vital to staying on task or keeping updated. I currently use a calendar on my phone to keep appointments and keep track of important deadlines, and the alarm function helps greatly in terms of ensuring that I complete the tasks or arrive where I am supposed to be at a given time.

5. Prevent burnout

Burnout can derail any sort of time management by making the process appear hopeless and impossible. Preventing burnout is vital to keeping your time effectively managed and ensuring that the process will not falter based on such feelings.


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