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Leadership Development, Question 6

Describe three avenues of communication that you have utilized to raise awareness about ADF in your community and name three more avenues that you may utilize in the future. (minimum 300 words)

Current Avenues

1. E-lists

The oldest and most reliable form of advertising that 3CG has used in the past has been various e-mail lists, from our own announcements list to various university student organization and other group e-lists. Because many people have their first contact with Pagan organizations through the internet, this has been a particularly effective method of raising awareness about ADF and our presence.

2. Local Pagan Organizations

3CG has worked with several local organizations, including local MeetUp groups, general discussion groups, university student groups, and local Pagan bookstores. This has led to a greater exposure among members of the community who generally identify with another path or tradition and who would not normally seek out a Druid group in the first place, and has led to invitations to do rituals at large events (such as Pagan Pride Day) and helped to bolster the attendance at some of our rituals as these groups advertise for us.

3. Interfaith Events

Over the past two years, I have (as Grove Priest for 3CG) participated in interfaith rituals for our local Pride Parade, World AIDS Day, and other small events around Columbus. This has allowed ADF's name and our Grove's name to get out among the religious community here in Central Ohio in a positive, constructive way. Through these events, we have been able to show that ADF is a valid religious tradition, that our clergy have the skills necessary to work effectively in an interfaith setting, and that our aim is not to undermine or "take over," but merely to work with others on an equal footing.

Future Avenues

1. Newspaper/internet ads

Our Grove is somewhat skeptical of print advertising, but so long as it is not expensive and it reaches the groups that we wish to reach, this seems to be a viable option. Internet ads on Google or social networking sites like FaceBook or PaganSpace are a possibility as well, but require an advertising budget and a solid plan to ensure that the money spent is targeted correctly and not wasted.

2. Television

There is an opportunity to advertise on television by recording a set of rituals and running them on a Sunday morning. WSYX contacted the Grove some time ago and asked if we would be interested, but we did not have the resources to put together a weekly worship service on film. At some point, I would like to get to that point, and be able to broadcast over the airwaves. There are a variety of barriers to doing this, but none are insurmountable.

3. Returning to the OSU campus

For years, 3CG was well-represented on the OSU campus with the local Pagan Student Association, which I was very active in even after I had ceased being a student. I would like to see 3CG return to the campus, either as a general Pagan student group or even a specifically ADF group. This will take involvement from students who are still early in their college career, though, and who are interested in ADF.


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