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Leadership Development 2, Question 1

Using the ADF vision statement at as a guide, how would you (as an ADF Priest) promote the growth and vision of ADF? (minimum 100 words)

The Vision of ADF provides an excellent guidance for our leadership, particularly our Priests. In it, we are directly informed that ADF does not provide "instant initiations" into our priesthood, but instead requires a great deal of work. Two particular items are brought to the forefront in this essay that speak to me about a way toward promoting the growth of ADF as a Priest: training and study, and public ritual.

ADF's Vision guides our Priests to seek excellence in our training, to do more than the bare minimum needed to get by. Simply completing questions and jumping through hoops cannot be enough for us: we must learn from the work we do in the training program and carry it forward into our daily lives, not just as Priests but also as members of society: my work here must also inform and improve my day job and my home life.

ADF's Vision also guides our Priests to work public ritual, which brings Our Druidry to others, both inside and outside of ADF. Through public ritual, particularly public ritual that we who are trained as Priests work, we can show others the excellence ADF has to offer and help promote the growth and change we wish to see within ADF, bringing it ever closer to the fulfillment of Isaac's vision.


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