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Hisotry of Neopaganism and Druidry

History of Neopaganism and Druidry is a study of the modern Neopagan movement, including (briefly) the various other forms of Paganism leading up to it, as well as Druidry ancient and modern. The primary goal for the course is to develop an awareness of the true origins of the Neopagan movement and Druidry so that students will be aware of and able to participate intelligently in the larger Neopagan community of which ADF is a member.

Bibliography for History of Neopaganism and Druidry

Exit Standards:

1. Define Paleopaganism, Mesopaganism, and Neopaganism, giving examples of each. (minimum 100 words for each)

2. Name and describe several of the literary sources that contributed to Neopaganism in the first quarter of the 20th century, and discuss their impact on its development. (minimum 300 words)

3. Describe several examples of authentic folk customs absorbed into Neopaganism, and describe how they have been adapted. (minimum 300 words) 

4. Of the following names, identify and explain the importance each has had in Neopagan history and/or the magical revival (minimum 100 words for each):

Gerald Gardner
Robert Graves 
Dion Fortune
Oberon Zell
Isaac Bonewits
(Up to two other individuals of your choice)

5. Compare and contrast your understanding of three various forms of Neopaganism, such as Wicca, Asatru, eclectic Neopaganism, shamanism, and discordianism. (minimum 300 words)

6. Discuss the origins and practices of hermetic or ceremonial magic, and how they have influenced Neopaganism. (minimum 300 words) 

7. Discuss the influence of the Pagan festival movement, and how the festivals changed Paganism in the 1980s. (minimum 100 words) 

8. Discuss the influence of the Internet, and how it has changed Paganism in the 1990s (minimum 100 words)

9. Discuss the origins of the Druidic revival in 18th and 19th century England, naming its key players and describing their contributions. (minimum 600 words)

10. Discuss the origins of the RDNA, and the influence of Isaac Bonewits, and the founding of ADF. (minimum 600 words)

11. Describe the groups that have split off from ADF, their history and work. (minimum 600 words)


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