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Divination 1

Divination 1 is an overview of the role of seers in an Indo-European society. Students will learn a basic divination system at an introductory level, and about the uses of divination for oneself and others. At this level the divination may still be book-assisted. The primary goal of this course is for the student to become more aware of the kinds of divination and seership in the Indo-European world, as well as the most basic ways divination is used.

Exit Standards:

1. Name and briefly describe three methods of divination or seership techniques appropriate for use within the context of an Indo-European culture. (minimum 100 words each)

2. Give three specific examples of divination within one Indo-European culture. (minimum 100 words each)

3. Discuss both the role of seers within at least one Indo-European culture and the relationship of seers to other members of the society, including in that discussion how seers or visionaries would have supported themselves or how they would have been supported by their people. (minimum two paragraphs)

4. Identify and describe one Indo-European method of divination to which you find yourself attracted, including in the description the source culture and your source of information about the system that you have chosen. (minimum 300 words)

5. Briefly describe the symbology and specific symbols of your chosen method of divination including the method of application of the system. (minimum 100 words overall description plus at least one sentence or line per symbol)

6. Describe the results of three divinations performed by you. These divinations may be text assisted. (minimum 100 words each)

7. Discuss your view of the purpose of divination. (minimum 100 words)

8. Discuss the relative importance and effect of divination within your personal spiritual practice. (minimum 100 words)

9. Discuss your view and understanding of the function of the Seer within ADF. (minimum 100 words)

10. Discuss the importance and value of divination as it relates to ADF group worship. (minimum 100 words)


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