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Describe the results of three divinations performed by you. These divinations may be text assisted. (minimum 100 words each)

I feel it very important to point out: none of these divinations are text-assisted. Each occurred during a Three Cranes Ritual.

Beltaine 2003 –

Uruz was first, indicating that our sacrifices had been received, and that the Gods were growing stronger from them.

Tiwaz showed us that the Gods would ask that we are just and right in our actions.

Ehwaz indicated that the Gods would give us swift journey and strong support. They are with us as we travel through life. I found this Rune very important in the reading, because it indicates that some of the people attending the rite who had come from far away would make it back safely.

Summer Solstice 2003 –

Ehwaz was first, indicating dialogue, and the dialogue here is the dialogue between the worshippers and the Shining Ones. I took this as a definite omen that the sacrifices had been accepted.

Rađio indicates further travel. It seems that the deities are giving us extensive, but safe, travel, which may correspond to our relations with the UUCE, which have been only lukewarm.

Kenaz is the torch, and also the ulcer. It seemed to me that the deities wanted us to be a shining example, but also the fire that is lit under people to get them to do stuff.

I also spoke with someone who wanted to come to our ritual, but didn't make it because she got lost. Apparently, she was doing a lot of traveling, as well, so the deities may have been talking about that, too.

Samhian 2003 -

Have our offerings been accepted?

Ođila - enclosure, property. Where property is involved, I always get a good feeling. I see this as the reception of things; gifts. This Rune shows prosperity very nicely.

What do the Gods offer us in return?

Nauđiz - need, poverty. Not usually a good Rune, and I hesitate to read it well, but I get the impression from this particular Rune that we have some turbulent times coming up, and that there will be tests. I don't see this as taking away from us or hurting us, just as maybe being a bumpy road.

What further needs do the Gods have of us?

Tyr - Justice, the right way. I see this as tying directly into the previous Rune, and the Gods having need of us to make good decisions and to consider what we do.

In other words, the offerings were accepted, with caveat: we need to be very careful of the decisions that we make, because we, as humans, can make bad ones. I think that the Gods have confidence in us, though, and they know we'll make the right choices.




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