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Symbols of ADF Ordination

There are many symbols associated with the ordination of an ADF Priest. The first among them is the Archdruidic Sickle.

The Archdruidic Sickle

The sickle itself is carried by the Archdruid, and all our Priests (of any level) have sworn their oaths upon this sickle. It is magically linked to all our Archdruids.

The next symbol is the Stole of the Senior Priest.

The Stole of the Senior Priest

Above, you can see Rev. Kirk Thomas' stole clearly during his ordination (with the Archdruidic Sickle around his neck, as he was elevated as Archdruid in the same rite). Upon each stole is the Sigil of the Cosmos (explained below), and at the bottom on each side is the ADF logo. Additionally, inside each stole is embroidered the name of the Priest to which it belongs, and these stoles may not be worn by any other Priest, as they are magically linked to the Priest to whom it is presented.

The Sigil of the Cosmos

This sign uses motifs from folk art depictions of the 'tree of life' to express core IndoEuropean Pagan concepts.

The Wheel is the sign of the Sky Powers, the turning, eternal order of the heavens. It is the sign of many sky gods, of the Thunderers, and of the Sun, Moon and Stars.

The Hall of Lugh is the pattern of the Great Hall of the Gods, the symbol of the quartering of the world, of the establishment of the Middle World.

The Spiral is the sign of the Underworld Powers, the flowing, unshaped potential of all being. It is the sign of the goddesses of waters, of the whirlpool, of the Deeps.

Together, these signs affirm the Order of the Worlds, a protection from ill and an affirmation of blessing.

Sigil of the Cosmos (10K)

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