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The ADF Priestly Orders

In ADF, we are still in the process of developing these Orders. Over time, I hope to flesh this page out, but for now, it's a snapshot of our Orders in 2010, when I was ordained as an ADF Senior Priest.

ADF Priests

At this time, most of our Priests are ADF Priests. These Priests have completed the First Circle of training in the Clergy Training Program, and have applied to become ADF Priests. Those few who were made Priests through another route are working on the CTP as quickly as they can. These Priests are those primarily involved in the outer work of ADF: public rituals, Grove work, and festival work.

ADF Consecrated Priests

We have only a few ADF Consecratd Priests at this time: these are Priests who have been through the Second Circle of the ADF Clergy Training Program. They may have also undergone an ordeal initiation that involves a set of tests. These Priests have so far been involved in inner work within ADF, bringing esoteric works to the Folk of ADF primarily.

ADF Senior Priests

The ADF Senior Priest is a Priest who has been through all three Circles of the Clergy Training Program, and they are engaged in work on all levels in ADF, though much of what they have done recently has been focused on developing the Org itself. These Priests are our most highly trained, and they have touched nearly every aspect of ADF at one time or another, and shown that they are fully invested in Our Druidry.

ADF Elder Priests

The ADF Elder Priest is a Priest who has been a Senior Priest for some time, and they have engaged in work and service that has meant a great deal to ADF. These Priests are our advisors. It is a combination of age, experience, and service (with service being primary) that makes one an Elder Priest in ADF.

As of this writing, these aren't "official" ranks or Orders of Priests, but they are the direction I see us going. As more come into the ranks, we will see more definition become available.

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