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[Note: It has come to my attention that at this point, people have interpreted that I'm doing "whatever I want" with the meditation requirement, or "changing the requirement". That is not the case. I worked hard with the meditation as laid out in the DP for two full months before finding that they did not work for me, and changed my method. When I changed it, I knew full well that I might be failing the Meditation portion of the DP. If I pulled this particular stunt under the current requirement, the ADF Preceptor has assured me that I probably would have failed.]

Entry 8:

I'm giving up on the meditation exercise detailed in the ADF Dedicant's Program. I'm moving on to something entirely different in method, but very similar in purpose.

Eastern meditation has never been something I've been interested in or good at, and rather than bend my personal religious preferences to what Ian thought was cool when writing the DP, I'm going to do something that I find more useful and more in keeping with the way my Gods wish to be worshiped. Rather than a passive meditation daily, I'm going to do a regular daily ritual. I've been doing them for weeks now, and I find that their benefits are simply amazing.

I have a feeling that this is the only item that could cause my DP to be rejected, but when the Deities call, you follow.

My next entries will be on the feelings I have during my personal daily rituals.

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