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Entry 7:

Iím not sure how those in the ADF reading this look at my spiritual progress. Eris isnít really a deity that meshes well with ADF liturgy or practice. The only thing I think I really need to say thatís important is that each personís religious experiences will be different, and this is one of those things that I personally canít help. Eris chose me, and consequently, I have chosen her as well.

That said, I was being lazy at work today, and decided to become a POEE Chaplain. I have to admit, itís much easier than being an ADF Dedicant.

Today, I wrote the Erisian Affirmation five times, and sent a copy to the White House, the California Bureau of Furniture and Bedding, and nailed one to a telephone pole. One was hidden and the other was burned.

A simple process, but Iím amazed at how much better and closer I feel to Eris, especially since I have no idea if there even is a California Bureau of Furniture and Bedding.

My meditations today and yesterday have been, well, interesting. Iím not seeing much today, but in the storm that occurred last night, I did hear a call. I donít know who from yet. Itís part of my search for that other Patron, I suppose. Weíll find out.

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