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Liturgical Writing 1, Question 4

Create a prayer suitable for the main offering of a High Day rite which includes invocation of at least one deity suitable to the occasion, description of the offering and its suitability to the occasion, and the purpose of the offering, totaling at least 100 words. Any stage directions necessary for performance of the offering should be included.

Prayer of Sacrifice, Autumnal Equinox

Teutates, each of us comes before you, a sacrifice of mistletoe in our hand, our hearts full of praise for you. [mistletoe is distributed prior to beginning]
Our hearts have sung your praises, and our hands have offered sacrifice. Now, we bring forth the mistletoe, our highest crown, an outgrowth of us all. We have harvested it with care, for it contains all that is best in us. This is our offering to you: that which is best in us, and best in the Grove.
We gather around the fire, close together, a Grove whose branches and roots entwine, each of us rooted deep and crowned high. [The folk come forward and gather around the fire]
Teutates, God of the Tribe, known to us in many ways, guiding us for all our days:
The People of Three Cranes call out to you!
Hear our words as they arise on the fire!
Hear our voices as they resound in the well!
To you we make this sacrifice, Teutates!

The Mistletoe, the All-Heal, and all that is best in us.
Teutates, accept this Sacrifice!
[sacrifice is made, mistletoe thrown into fire]


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