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Divination 2, Question 11

Give and explain the results of three omens taken by you in public ritual. (min. 300 words per omen)

Omen 1 - First Three Cranes Druid Moon Rite

What is our path?
On what should the Grove focus until the next moon? Perðo
On what should each individual focus until the next moon? Oðila

Original Interpretation:

Our path is certainly one of joy, and a newness surrounds us. To some extent, we are stumbling forward, moving ahead without a real clear knowledge of where we are going, but the journey is joyful and easy . . . We appear to be easing on down the road.

Relating to our path, the Grove was given little direction for focus. Perðo is, of course, the unknown, so it appears that our general instruction is to focus on things not known. We might also be well-advised to focus on the mystery that is the Druid Moon Rite.

Individuals are advised to focus on the Ancestors, which is a wonderful omen for this time of year, and even better for this ritual, which focuses on the Grove as a family.

These are indeed good omens for our first Druid Moon Rite.

Further Interpretation:

The above interpretation was the original description written down in the Book of Three Cranes. Further reflection on these omens with a bit of temporal distance between the omen and this review has given me a bit more insight. In this case, I think that was the ideal omen for our focus. Initially, I took this to mean that it was the unknown aspect of this rite that was important, but it seems that what was actually being conveyed was that we should allow this ritual to grow organically for a while, and to seek to focus it better later. Over the past several months, that is what we have done. It has, through more recent omens, been indicated that it's time to work in a more focused manner, and so I expect that the Grove will begin to do just that.

This was also the Druid Moon Rite done as we moved toward the Autumnal Equinox. As such, seemed ideal, as well, for our individual focus: focusing on who we were as a Grove, and thinking about our ancestors. An aspect not initially read, though, included the movement of the Grove into a new phase, where leadership would be passed on, and the founding principles would need to be reflected on and remembered through this transitionary period.

With our knowledge of further Druid Moon Rites, became particularly apt. We tend to receive it in description of our path thus far. We should probably be careful of how we embark on this journey, but I believe it to be full of joy throughout.

Omen 2 - First Three Cranes Yule Rite

Have our sacrifices been accepted?
Haglaz , Isa , Laguz
What do the Gods give us in return? Nauðiz
What needs have they of us? Jera

Original Interpretation:

Have our sacrifices been accepted?
Hagalaz - Hail -Simply, because we are looking to bring back the sun, and stormclouds obscure the sun, I read this as "no". I also got the feeling that "no" was the answer. Further offerings were called for. After they were given, we re-drew the runes:

Isa - Ice - Along the same lines above, I read this as getting a "cold shoulder". Again, further offerings were called for. After they were given, we re-drew the runes:

Laguz - water, overflowing - A definite "yes". It appears that they got what they wanted, and then some.

What do the Gods give us in return?
Naudaz - Need - We are told we will receive what we need. I think it's a very good omen.

What needs have they of us?
Jera - fruitful year - They want us around in a year, and they want us to grow stronger. I think they intend to help us with that.

Further Interpretation:

This was the third ritual Three Cranes did, many years ago now. I find it an important one, though, because it shows a lot of how I have changed in my interpretations, and because this omen in particular had a great affect on the Grove, and on ADF as a whole. This early omen was one of the worst that this Grove has ever experienced. Our first round of offerings was obviously not accepted. We held a second round of offerings which was also not accepted. Then we held our third.

Each round of offerings was drawing greater sacrifices. The offerings were not of anything physical, but they were verbal now: promises made, and to be kept. One vow, in particular, is likely to have irrevocably changed the course of ADF for the better: Jenni stood forth and made an oath to run for ADF Preceptor. The following Wellspring, Jenni won that election, and began the work of putting our Study Programs into action and order. She also hired me on as her Deputy Preceptor, and I became more involved in the work of ADF's Study Programs (and have since left my own mark on them). Had this omen not been read in this manner, ADF may never have had Jenni as Preceptor, and I might not be Dedicant Clergy today, as it was her bringing me in that truly showed me my vocation within ADF.

This omen showed the Grove that sometimes, the gods want to push us a bit more than we think we're ready for, but they will always provide for us. I remember being torn on the reading of Nauðiz; I think that, if I pulled it today, I would not have read it in the way that I did. But I see, on reflection, that I read it completely correctly in that instance.

That year, incidentally, was a very, very fruitful year for the Grove.

Omen 3 - Fourth Three Cranes Druid Moon Rite

What is our path?
On what should the Grove focus until the next moon? Uruz
On what should each individual focus until the next moon? Manaz

Original Interpretation:

These omens show much: our path is joyous, but we should be sure to keep our heads. The Grove should focus on our strength as one people, as a Grove. Reading this omen with the omen of the last Druid Moon [Cantlos, Oct. 16, 2007], we should focus on taking those individual strengths and finding how they can combine to make one united, sacred Grove. Each individual, in the next month, should focus on their inner self, and in the folk around them.

These are good omens.

Also they can be read as, "Take joy in strong men!" which recalls an early omen taken in the same shelter: "It's raining men, and we should enjoy them!" A little joy and humor must be recalled.

Further Interpretation:

First, the Cantlos ("song month") runes were these: . I have been most impressed with the way these rituals have dovetailed in their omens. Wunjo appeared in our first Druid Moon Rite, as well, and while this is the first appearance of manaz in our Druid Moons, I don't think it falls out of the general feel of our rites.

At this time, it appears that we need to focus on being together: taking care of one another, and showing inner strength and trust within the Grove. A lesson of manaz is that men will fail their fellows, but it is through the strength of the Grove that we can keep ourselves united as a family, and retain the joy indicated. I have seen much fellowship in these omens, and I have also noticed a deeper connection now that we retain them and refer back to them more readily.

This particular omen, as noted in the last paragraph of the original interpretation, hearkened back to another omen we took in the same shelter house at Highbanks. There, we drew , which I interpreted as "It's raining men, and we should enjoy them!" Here, it seemed to be a similar message, though I saw it much more as a joke than as a serious omen as I did so many years ago. But it was proper that the omen should bring out this joke, since the rite was focused on the Grove's ancestral ties to the land, and to each other.


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