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Crisis Response, Question 9

Discuss how the skills required of ADF clergy in ritual, especially those which involve mitigating chaos and generating order, might relate to those necessary for appropriately responding to an emergency situation. (minimum 100 words)

As mentioned in question 4 and question 7, crisis brings chaos and the process of helping a person brings order that mitigates that chaos.

A key skill that an ADF Priest can bring involves her storehouse of memorized prayers. By asking a person in crisis to pray with her, the Priest can help the person find their center and begin to reorganize their life from that point. The use of memorized prayers is key because the prayers recited can either hold common imagery and words that helps the person order their world, or (if the Priest is also experiencing the crisis) draw on words that are familiar and easy to recite and help the Priest locate her center as well.

Another key skill is the understanding of how ritual affects life, and how important ritual is to the way life is lived. At times, reorientation can best be accomplished (or can be helped by) ritual work that either washes away the old or brings in the new. Through this process, old chaos may be put to rest, while new order is created for the person. When used in conjunction with other (professional) healing work, the person receiving help may experience greater healing and help.


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