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Crisis Response, Question 10

Compile and submit a list of mainstream resources providing crisis services available in your locality. Additionally, explore your locality for a hotline number to access emergency services and discuss the results of your search. (Please provide the following information for each resource listed a) name of resource b) contact information c) how to make a referral d) hours of operation e) specific service[s] provided by the resource). (no minimum word count)

The local hotline to obtain emergency services such as these is 2-1-1, Franklin County’s First Link Directory. They put out a print publication, and are also available online at This list can only be partial and cannot include all services offered because of the diversity of services required and offered by Franklin County (the print book has over 200 pages of resources)

suicidal thoughts

Name: Survivors of Suicide Help Hotline Crisis Center, Inc.
Contact: (614) 276-2273 (24 hr crisis line)
Referral: (614) 276-2273 (24 hr crisis line)
Hours: Crisis line is 24-hours
Services: Provides a 24-hour crisis line, as well as support groups (see “other notes” below)

Other notes:

Survivors of Suicide Support Group
Third Thursday: 6:00 PM
199 South Central Avenue Door 1
Enter from parking lot in back of building.

mental illness

Name: Columbus Area Inc.
Contact: (614)252-0711
Referral: (614)252-0711
Hours: 8:30 AM – 5 PM
Services: support and psychiatric services for adults in varying intensity (from support groups to residential care); individual, family and group counseling; case management; outpatient services.

Other notes: Works with a variety of mental health issues, including chronic ones, most services being at their Columbus Area Inc. location:

Columbus Area, Inc., Pathway Clubhouse
1203 East Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43205
Phone: (614)252-0711

substance abuse (addiction)

Name: North Community Counseling Centers
Contact: (614) 846-2588
Referral: (614) 846-2588
Hours: 8:30 AM – 5 PM (some evenings)
Services: individual and group counseling for substance abuse, as well as informational/educational information on substance abuse and addiction.

Other notes: Evening hours available by appointment, first point of contact is via phone. North and west side branches are at (614) 261-3196

North Community Counseling Centers
Bridge Site
4897 Karl Rd.
Columbus, OH 43229

financial issues

Name: Columbus Leads
Contact: (614) 252-2663
Referral: (614) 252-2663
Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM most days (see below)
Services: heating bill assistance, discounts, weatherization. Provides emergency payment of up to $175/household/year for utility assistance (particularly heating, though other assistance is available)

Other notes: 24-hour appointment line at (614) 917-2444. Services primarily based on poverty (175% of poverty line or below), but assistance for others is available based on income and source of utility. Aids in budgeting with "Percentage of Income Payment Plan" (PIPP) for gas and electric. Provides materials for weatherization and insulation.

All sites use (614) 252-2663 as contact during regular business hours, except weatherization: that site uses (614) 258-8702.

homelessness (lack of shelter, food, clothing, other basic needs)

Name: Homeless Families Foundation
Contact: 651 West Broad Street, 43215, (614) 253-7970
Referral: For immediate shelter, call the YWCA Family Center at 253-7970
Hours: 24 hours Mon-Sun Family intake line
Services: Provides individual furnished apartment units for up to 3 months for homeless families with minor children. Must be willing to live drug free and participate in agency self-improvement programs.

Other notes: This is a YWCA program for families

suspected abuse of the individual’s child(ren)

Name: Franklin County Children Services
Contact: (614)229-7100
Referral: (614)229-7100
Hours: 24 hours
Services: investigations of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation within families, child care facilities, schools, group homes, etc.

Other notes: (614)229-7100 is the intake office number, and is available 24-7 for intake and investigation.

criminal victimization (victims of theft, sexual assault, domestic violence)

Name: Affirmations: A Center for Psychotherapy and Growth
Contact: (614) 445-8277
Referral: (614) 445-8277
Hours: 9 AM – 10 PM Mon-Thurs; 9 AM – 6 PM Fri; 9 AM – 3 PM Sat.
Services: Serves sexual abuse/sexual assault survivors, PTSD, domestic violence, and a variety of other survivors.

Other notes:; provides a wide variety of counseling resources (and would also work for Grief (below)

grief (resulting from death, terminal illness, divorce or other loss)

Name: Directions Counseling Group
Contact: (614) 888-9200
Referral: (614) 888-9200
Hours: 9 AM – 7 PM Mon – Fri
Services: group, family, and individual counseling for grief sharing, bereavement, postabortion, PTSD, depression, etc.

Other notes: offers "spiritual well-being" counseling, but notes that this is "Christian-based." Other counseling is not religiously based.

Directions Counseling Group
6797 N. High Street, Suite 350
Columbus, OH 43085

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