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This ritual works very strongly in my own personal pantheon, but it's easily adapted for whatever you wish to do. It's called Samonios, rather than Samhain, because it's a Gaulish-focused ritual. It also runs very strictly off the ADF Core Order of Ritual.

1. Enter Space

2. Prepare Space

Light candles
Fill well

3. Opening Prayers

Earth Mother

I stand firm on you, Earth Mother
You are a keeper of vision,
The one in whom the portal is rooted
The one who offers me passage
The one to whom I must always return.
Earth Mother, you support me
Support and uphold my rite.


I reach deeply within myself;
 seeking, searching.
My eyes turn inward and see deep;
 seeking, searching.
My fingers reach out, feeling forth;
 seeking, searching.
My ears are open, listening;
 seeking, searching.
My nose sniffs for any sign here;
 seeking, searching.
My tongue tastes the sweet nectar now;
 seeking, searching.
Here it is, within me, calling;
 seeking, searching.
Here I am, to greet it, hold it;
 seeking, searching.
Here we are, together, tightly;
 holding, knowing.
Inspiration, I call to you;
 hold me, know me.

4. Purpose

Celebration of Samonios, honouring Cernunnos, honouring the Dead.

5. Purification

Outdwellers → no need
Space → taken care of before
Self → taken care of before, but include a "reminding" of purification

6. Gatekeeper


One foot in the water, Crane
One foot on land.
One eye in the blue sky, Crane
Always between.
The realms are you plaything
Ever your joy
Guide me through them this day
Old Ways I walk.
No one knows better, Crane
The ways between the worlds.

Opening the Gates

Garanus Crane
Open the gates
     Fire comes first
     Well is second
     The Tree is third
Open the Gates
Garanus Crane
Open the Gates.

7. Calling to All: Chthonics/Mids/Uppers¹

Calling to the Upper Kindreds

High in the Heavens, Heroes and Holy
Beyond the visible reaches of the Sky
Beyond the Veil of the Stars and Sun
Those Kindred that shine with light from Above
Shining Ones, Ancestors, Nature Spirits
Far-Seeing and Brightly clothes in gold light
Come to my Fire, offerings for Thee
A welcome to the Powers of Heaven
Be comfortable in my abode tonight.

Calling to the Middle Kindreds

Here among us are Gods and Dead and Sidhe
Standing within mists, coming to meet us
Coming nearer as we give offering
Standing next to us in our times of need.
In trees and streams, under foot, in the air
The Spirits of Place surround us always
Their songs reach our ears, their beauty our eyes
I call welcome to Spirits of this Realm
Be comfortable in my abode tonight.

Calling to the Chthonic Kindreds

Down below our feet, deep within the ground
In the fertile womb of the Earth Mother
Are denizens of Dark, unknown to us:
Gods of the Earth, Ancestors, and Earth-Kin.
Our bones will rest here though our soul will rise
Now we pour libation to these Kindred
Knowing their place in life and the Cosmos
I welcome the spirits of Dark Earth.
Be comfortable in my abode tonight.

8. Key Offerings

Cernunnos, Antlered God,
I call out to you now.
You sit in doorways,
seeing both directions

Open the Veil you hold,
part it like warm butter.²
Allow the Ancestors
to come forth this dark night.

Cernunnos, Between Ways,
Accept this offering!

Praise should now be offered to Cernunnos, and to the Ancestors.

9. Prayer of Sacrifice

Cernunnos, Guardian,
You who have spread the veil,
You who have brought our ancestors,
I ask that you return them,
That you close the veil.
Whisper to them that they are not forgotten,
And allow them to leave any blessings they may.
Cernunnos, Accept this sacrifice!

10. Omen

Take as usual.

11. Calling the Blessings

Cernunnos, Shining Ones!
We have given and you have answered us in kind!
I call now for the blessings you offer
Pour them out to us,
Offer them now!

12. Hallowing

Within this cup, the outpouring of your love
Within this cup, the reciprocal flow of return
Consecrate these waters with your power, Shining Ones
That I may drink deeply from them.

13. Affirmation

Indeed the cup is blessed,
and by drinking deeply,
I am blessed in turn.
It wells within me, mingling,
and completes me.

14. Workings


15. Thanking

In reverse order: Cernunnos, Lower/Mid/Upper Kindreds, Other Powers, Gatekeeper

16. Closing the Gates

Garanus Crane
Close the gates
     The Tree comes first
     The Well second
     Fire is third
Close the Gates
Garanus Crane
Close the Gates.

17. Thanking the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, to you I will return all I have left unused.
Uphold me now in life as you have in this rite.
I thank you!

18. Closing the Rite

This rite is ended!

Notes from Samonios Rite:

¹ - I decided on a different kind of "Three Kindred" invocation because of the High Day involved. Rather than doing "NS, Ancestors, Deities," I chose to do "Kindreds of the Heavens/Middleworld/Underworld", and each invocation deals with the 3 Kindred as you can find them in each realm. As I look back on it, I like it even more.

² - I think I was thinking about Agni, what with the "butter" and stuff. But it works for me.


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