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5 months after:

After that last entry, I figured I should put in some words myself, looking back and answering some questions raised in my DP journal.

I have ditched the idea of keeping a journal of my daily rituals. I simply mark down items that I find important.

I do at least 100 pushups per day now, and an equal number of sit-ups usually. I've been known to reach over 200 pushups, though that's rare. I'm not looking to bulk up, just to be in shape.

And no, my girlfriend hasn't noticed. In 7 or so months, she hasn't noticed, though I think it's pretty obvious. I should also note that I once told her that she wouldn't notice any change in my body for months, and she vigorously denied that. Well, I'm right this time.

But that wasn't the main reason I wanted to get into shape. I've achieved most of my aims with the exercise, though I have to keep it up now. I'm considering adding jogging or swimming to my devotions, but those are harder to do, due to time constraints. I've also been looking at weight sets.

Eris and Esus are still my Patrons, and you can find more about them elsewhere.

Yes, I still do daily rituals twice a day. I always will.


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