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Indo-European Mythology 1, Requirement 7f

Explain how each of the following elements of ADF ritual does or does not resonate with elements of two different Indo-European cultures. You need not use the same two cultures as a basis of comparison for each element. For example, you may compare and contrast the concept of the Earth Mother in Greek and Vedic cultures, and Deities of the Land in light of Irish-Celtic and Breton-Celtic cultures. (minimum 100 words each)

Nature Spirits

Spirits of nature are often chaotic and usually rather naughty in myth in the ancient world. In Celtic lore, we find spirits that are not only dangerous to encounter, but usually dangerous even to observe. What we generally encounter is a common category-jamming of features that make the nature spirit "non-human" or "other". This otherness is the center of the concept of "nature spirits," as they reside technically on this plane. The Vedic concept of nature spirit is also "other", and best displayed by the plethora of demons that exist in the world. They are primarily named by the injury they do to humans, though some help with harvests and even assist in battle by striking fear into the foe. (MacDonnell, 164) ADF presents the Nature Spirits as a separate Kindred from the Gods and Ancestors, and generally also classes them as "other" than us. It is very interesting that so many ADF members feel a close association with the spirits of nature; this may have to do with the way our theories of nature spirits have changed over time.


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