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Indo-European Language 1

Indo-European Language 1 is the study of the basics of an Indo-European language, ancient or modern, including the ability to properly pronounce basic phrases and/or sentences. With the help of a dictionary and/or grammar guide, students will be able to translate into their chose language simple expressions, such as “Earth Mother,” “bless this working,” or “join us in our celebration.” The course’s primary goal is to provide a linguistic perspective to a culture of the student's choice, particularly with respect to the student’s personal interests and path of studies. Conversational and reading proficiency are not the goals at this level, rather a more basic understanding of the chosen language’s structure, alphabet, pronunciation, and grammar. 

Exit Standards:

Required for all-

1. Compare and contrast the language you have chosen to study and your native language (and any other languages you have studied, if you like). Consider each languages’ syntax and grammar, as well as vocabulary matters, such as cognates, derivatives or borrowed words. (minimum 300 words)

2. Based on what you understand about the language(s) studied and linguistics in general, what conclusions can you draw about the culture(s) that are/were native speakers of that language? (minimum 300 words)

Required- one of the following

1. Copy of college transcript for any Indo-European language (minimum one semester/quarter with at least a grade of “B”).

2. Create a tape recording and accompanying “phrase-book” of a minimum of 25 phrases or sentences in the Indo-European language of your choice. Try to choose phrases and sentences that will a) be useful to you in your studies and/or spiritual practices; and b) reflect the cultural uniqueness of the native speakers of that language.


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