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Norwegian Rune Poem

Translation: Michael J Dangler

(f) veldr frnda rgi; fœisk lfr skgi.

Cattle (wealth) causes kin's contention; grows up the wolf in the forest.

(r) es af illu jrni, opt hleypr hreinn hjarni.

Drizzle [flakes of metal] is out of evil iron; often make run reindeer upon hard snow.

(urs) velder kvenna kvillu; ktr verr fr af illu.

Giant causes wives sickness; cheer come move out from evil.

(ss) es flestra fera fr, en sklpr er svera.

Estuary is most journeys' movement; but sheath is swords'.

(rei) kvea hrossum versta; Reginn sl sverit bezta.

Riding is said worst for the horse; Regin forged the best sword.

(kaun) es beygja barna; bl grir mann flvan.

Boil is an affliction of children; sorrow cause man to be pale.

(hagall) es kaldastr korna; Kristr skp heim inn forna.

Hail is freezing grain; Krist drew up the world in the old.

(nau) grir hneppa kosti; nktan kelr frosti.

Poverty causes distress; naked freeze in frost.

(s) kllum br breia; blindan arf at leia.

Ice cries out to spread the bridge; blind it is necessary to lead.

(r) es gumna gi; getk at rr vas Fri.

Good season is mens' profit; I suppose liberal was Froi.

(sl) es landa ljmi; ltik helgum dmi.

Sun is land of radiance; pay homage to the sacred relic.

(Tr) es einhendr sa; opt verr smir at blsa.

Tyr is the one-handed God; often happens smith must blow.

(bjarkan)'s laufgrœnstr lma; Loki bar flrar tma.

Birch's verdant bough; Loki bore deceitful luck.

(mar) es moldar auki; mikil es greip hauki.

Man is earth's increase; great is the space between hawk's talons.

(lgr)'s, es fellr r fjalli, foss; en gull eru hnossir.

Water's, is fall out from mountain, waterfall; but gold is a costly thing.

(r) es vetrgrœnstr via; vant's, es brennr, at sva.

Yew is green in winter providing wood; expectation, is burning, which burns.


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